Thursday, 30 July 2009

Wiggle - Day 406

We've had nearly all weathers today - sunshine, torrential rain and hailstones but fortunately, this evening it was back to lovely sunshine.

Not wanting to miss out, I took the boys up to the Downs for our walk. Sir H, in the absence of a puddle, found some mud to lay down on:

While Wiggle waited impatiently for me to throw the ball.

So I did!!

And Wiggle being Wiggle, he raced back, ready for me to throw the ball again!

Sir H enjoyed the evening sun:

While Wiggle did more chasing:

Stopping to catch his breath:

And back to running again:

Sir H declined a nice "2 boys together" photo and rolled around instead:

Not one to hang around, Wiggle was back to running flat out after the ball:

Meanshile, Sir H hadn't moved very far:

Wiggle is worn out now, fast asleep on Sir H's bed.

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Anonymous said...

Sir H is looking well.. good to see he appreciates a nice bit of mud!! Wiggle is looking very bouncey and happy and of course incredibly handsome.. woof woof x x x Teagan x x