Monday, 30 June 2008

Wiggle - Day 11

Wiggle has had another fun filled day. Dolly was in at the vets for x-rays today so Wiggle, Henry and myself met up with my friend Cheryl and two of her dogs, Ella and HenryNo (HenryNo is a cute but naughty little Jack Russell puppy).

We went to Coate Water in Swindon and the walk started off nicely, lots of running around, but then Wiggle found a watery ditch. Except it was more mud than water.

Henry decided he should get muddy too so he also went in the ditch!

After some more running around, we came to the lake and Wiggle was first to the water.

Henry decided a paddle would be good for washing the mud off his legs

Meanwhile, Wiggle went to say hello to some people with boats.

Then it was time for more splashing about....

And then back in the water to do some more of his funny style of swimming

Wiggle was naughty and found some goose poo to roll in. He stank! Sadly Wiggle couldn't understand why I didn't want a cuddle and even his sad face didn't work its magic on me!

While Cheryl and I stopped for a coffee, the dogs played ball, mostly with Ella shouting at Wiggle and HenryNo chasing Wiggle rather than the ball

HenryNo liked Wiggle, especially after he'd doused himself in Eau de Goose Poo!

After all that running around, it was time for a rest before we headed for home. Since being back, Wiggle has had a bath and smells much better! I'm not sure he's convinced though....

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Wiggle's Weekend Camping

We are back from a great weekend spent camping with the Oldies Club. The OC rehome and publicise homeless older dogs all over the country and every year they get together for a camping weekend. This was my first time camping and certainly Dolly's although I'm not sure whether Wiggle and Henry had camped before, but they all seemed to enjoy themselves.

I lost count of how many other dogs were there but they all got on brilliantly and had lots of fun. Wiggle is worn out now after all the excitement so here's a few photo's from our weekend.

Our abode:

Henry didn't seem particularly excited about camping and preferred to snooze in the car...

Dolly had been a little poorly the night before we left for camping but after a trip to the vets and some medicine Friday morning, she was feeling much better.

In the evening we had a barbecue so Wiggle tried his best to look starved (mind you, he does that quite well, being so skinny!) but no one gave in to his stares!

The next day, all the dogs had plenty of time to play and Wiggle was rather taken with Saffy, but she was playing hard to get...

So being a fickle chap, he tried to woo Cherry, but she wasn't giving in to his charms either! Meanwhile, Henry dozed in the sun.

Then Wiggle was worn out so he had a sleep too. This camping can be very tiring for a baldy, skinny boy.

After a rest, it was time for some playing in the woods...

And then to try and find someone else to give him cuddles.

At the end of the night, we all retired to our tent where it was very snug.

Wiggle The Happy Camper

Friday, 27 June 2008

Wiggle - Day 8

Just a quick post today as we are going camping! It's a group camping trip so there's a whole load of us going to a campsite in the Cotswolds for the weekend. Wiggle seems to know something is going on as he's very excited but before we leave he needs his bath.

No idea if Wiggle has been camping before, but its a first for Dolly, Henry and I so hopefully it will be fun. I think Wiggle will have a fantastic time with loads of other dogs to play with and lots of people to give kisses to.

Wiggle will be offline for a couple of days but I'm sure he'll have lots of fun to tell you about when we are back on Sunday.

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Wiggle - Day 7

A whole week of Wiggle!!!

I had to get my haircut this afternoon so as the pet shop is next to the hairdressers, Wiggle came too. The very lovely Aunty Barbara who owns the pet shop has met all my dogs and foster-dogs over the years so today was Wiggle's turn to say hello. Although Wiggle helped himself to a pigs ear, Aunty Barbara thought Wiggle was lovely and she got kisses and paw shakes from the boy himself. A few customers came in while we were there so they all got a hello from Wiggle. I think Animal Fayre in Cricklade could very well become Wiggle's favourite store.

I've been collecting a few bits and pieces to have a small online auction on The Refuge to raise some funds towards Wiggle's vet bill and Aunty Barbara very kindly donated a new collar to Wiggle. As his neck is so bald and sore I wanted something smoother for him so he now has a nice, smart green and black rolled webbing collar. The green and black suits him and he looked very posh while he was posing in the shop! Wiggle helped me choose a few toys and treats for the auction but hasn't realised yet that they weren't actually for him.

We called in on my parents who both came out to say hello. My dad and Wiggle got on very well and Wiggle was all soppy and waggy despite my dad telling him he was ugly. He was joking (I hope!!).

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Wiggle - Day 6

I was thinking earlier that its only been a week since Mindy, LRSE&C co-ordinator, went to visit Wiggle in his previous home and yet even though he's not been here a week yet, so much has changed for Wiggle. He's happily living with Dolly and Sir H, getting good quality food, bathed every other day and more love than he's had in a long time. Wiggle certainly seems to be happy - wiggling and wagging, playing ball and sleeping in squishy dog beds.

As I wasn't sure whether Wiggle would eat the Burns food I only bought a small bag last week but he's doing well on his 3 meals a days so I went to buy more earlier. The lovely lady in the pet shop asked how Wiggle was doing - seems he made quite an impression when he met her last week.

Wiggle has had another bath and as I try not to rub him too much to dry him (don't want to hurt his already sore skin), I've been taking him out straight after so he can have a run around and dry off.

In the photo's, Wiggle looks all shiny and healthy but you can still see how skinny and bald he is. It's so noticeable when I'm bathing him as under his belly and chest there is hardly any fur at all.

Wiggle's most favourite game - fetch!

Waiting for me to throw the ball

Got it!

Racing Dolly

Shiny coat

But still skinny and wrinkly!


Despite Dolly already having one ball, she still wanted to play

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Wiggle - Day 5

Wiggle is still being a good boy and seems to be enjoying being here as much as we are enjoying having him here. Last night he took himself off to bed and got all comfy - must be so much nicer for him than the old towel he had in the previous home.

I got woken up this morning, not by my alarm, but by Wiggle kissing my face. Very sweet of him, but I'd have preferred a bit longer sleep!

I was told that Wiggle wasn't interested in toys, so didn't have any. As the photo's show, Wiggle has other ideas...

Dolly is enjoying having a playmate..

And after all that play, time for a roll in the grass.

Monday, 23 June 2008

Wiggle Pics - Day 4

Wiggle Video 2 - Having Fun with Dolly on the Downs

Wiggle - Day 4

Once again, Wiggle had a good night, despite not being fed until 7.30pm as I'd been out. Contradicts what his previous owners said!

Wiggle spent some time on one of the dog beds last night, which sounds like nothing but for him is an achievement, especially as he got on the bed without me telling him to. Must have been so much more comfortable for him than the hard floor.

As usual, Wiggle was very happy to see me this morning and wagged and wiggled as soon as I got
up. I've booked him in to see the dermatologist, Bridget Gregory, at Hale Vets but the appointment isn't until the 3rd July so for the time being, he'll carry on with his Malaseb baths every other day. Today is bath day for Wiggle but before that we're off out for walkies and a game of fetch.

"Throw the ball!"

"Ooops, missed the ball"

"Happy Wiggle"

Sunday, 22 June 2008


Wiggle's blog has had lots of visitors already, from all over the world!

Wiggle sends licks and hopes you'll keep checking back to see how he's doing.

Wiggle - Day 3

Well Wiggle continues to be a good boy. He's been out playing ball, which he loves. He is still eating well and with his 3 small meals a day will hopefully start to gain some weight and fill out his saggy skin.

While I was out today Wiggle behaved himself and was very pleased and wiggly to see me when I got home. He's currently trying to get me to play ball again but although I've tried explaining that tennis ball's aren't a good idea indoors, he's not convinced.

So as not to leave out his companions, here's Dolly and Henry, Wiggle's housemates:

Wiggle is still very itchy and scratching a lot but tomorrow he'll be having another bath and hopefully his skin will soon start to be more comfortable.

Wiggle Plays Ball

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Wiggle - Day 2

Wiggle had a very good first night here. Despite the previous owners saying he wasn't clean overnight, he was. I had been working a night shift and came home to find no mess, nothing touched that shouldn't have been and Wiggle curled up asleep.

As part of his treatment Wiggle has been given Malaseb shampoo which will help his sore skin. He was very good and stood patiently in the bath while I showered him. He even has a hint of a shine to what fur he has, bless him.

Wiggle is one of those dogs that amazes me. The level of neglect he has suffered is shocking, shut outside because he was considered "un-hygeinic", not fed properly and denied medical care yet he is so sweet natured. He loves everyone he meets and greets them with kisses, he loves to play ball and his tail never stops wagging.

Dogs just love and trust unconditionally....

How You Can Help Wiggle

Wiggle is just one of the many special Labrador's who are in the care of LRSE&C. Each year, the charity rehomes over 500 Labradors, many who come to us with special health needs.

Donations can be made via PayPal to:

Or look at the LRSE&C website: for details on how to sponsor Wiggle and some of our other special Labradors.

Thank you!

Wendy & Wiggle x

Wiggle Pics - Day 2

Wiggle Pics - Day 1