Monday, 29 May 2017

The Labbie Gang

Foster dogs Kal and Boulder are still here while they wait for their perfect home.  They have an updated profile on the Labrador Rescue South East & Central website - Click here for their page

In the meanwhile, they are having fun with Sofy and enjoying their time here:

Both the boys have put on some weight and are looking much better:

Kal and Boulder love the fields near us and have been enjoying following different paths from one field to the next

Boulder can even fly!

While it was very warm the past few days, all three had a lot of fun splashing about in the river:

And when the field is all wet after rain in the night, the Labbie Gang are all happy!

Kal and Boulder are still the most perfect pair of boys, they are great with other dogs they meet, they have excellent recall, love to go anywhere and will also settle down and sleep when left at home.

We are looking for a perfect home for the boys as they love people and getting fuss.  They are so lovely, they need to be spoilt although they don't know it!   

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

The Perfect Pair

Boulder and Kal have been with us for a couple of weeks now and I have come to the conclusion that they are perfect.  They have no faults.  None!

They have excellent recall and love to run in the fields and come to me as soon as I call their names or whistle:

They are happy, affectionate boys:

Although they lived in kennels in their previous life, they are fully adjusted to indoor living:

Happy, goofy Kal:

Boulder, the more sensitive of the pair:

And their temporary boss, Miss Sofy who has shared her food, her beds, her armchair and me:

As yet, Boulder and Kal are still without a retirement home.  There is no hurry for them to leave here as they are truly lovely to have around.  But they deserve a home of their own and are the easiest dogs - they travel well, are fine when left, good with other dogs, good in new places like the garden centre or visiting friends.

The boys will be 10 on the 21st of this month but they still have bags of energy and love to run in the fields twice a day.  And when they ready to relax, they love to have a cuddle and lots of fuss.