Sunday, 13 May 2018

Grasses are the enemy!

Poor Ziggy, turns out he is allergic to quite a few things.

The results from the recent tests have been coming back and he is allergic to: 
Orchard grass
Rye grass
Timothy grass
Mustard pollen
Penicillin mold
House dust mites

Add the above to bacterial skin infections and it's no wonder Ziggy has been so itchy but at least the antibiotics have been working on his infection and he is not scratching as much.  He is unable to go without the prednisolone so until he starts allergy treatment, he is having the steroids alternate days and in two weeks when we next see Bridget will start n a high dose of Cyclosporin which will hopefully bring the allergic reaction under control.

It makes me so sad for him as he loves being outside and doing stuff a Labrador should do:

Thankfully he doesn't know that he has a long list of things that make him itch so he doesn't look at the grass in our garden and notice the dandelion, plantain and other stuff like I do.  He does, however, like the comfort of a dog bed for his outdoor lounging like earlier today:

In himself, Ziggy is as daft and happy as usual, he is affectionate and cuddly which makes it all the more sad to see him so bald and threadbare.  We are so grateful to Labrador Rescue South East & Central for taking on Ziggy when he was given up but he's going to take a lot more care to get better and that costs money.

Ziggy is just one of many dogs which the charity cares for and all donations are very gratefully received.  Please visit the Donations page on the website for different ways to help with much needed funds.

Thank you!