Monday, 31 October 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,229

Wiggle and Sofy have not been Trick or Treating, nor have we had any visitors to the house. Due to Sofy's fondness for throwing herself at the door when someone knocks, I put a sign up saying Sorry, No Trick or Treats Please! Thankfully, we've had a peaceful evening and Sofy is fast asleep upstairs while Wiggle is lounging on his bed.

We did hear fireworks going off earlier and no doubt there will be more in the run up to 5th of November. Fortunately, neither Wiggle or Sofy are bothered about the noises so they weren't upset by the loud bangs, but not all dogs are so relaxed. There's some good advice for coping with fireworks on the MyPetBubble website:

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,228

Not such a nice day here today, but we made the most of the clocks going back for the end of BST and had a little lie-in. Later in the morning, we went across to the field and Wiggle was excited, despite the dreary weather:
Wiggle was poised to run, while Sofy looked like she was enjoying a little sit down!

Wiggle found something interesting to sniff, while Sofy ran with the ball:

Once again, Wiggle had a slobbery face:

Running around:

Back to playing chase-the-ball games:

Here comes Wiggle!

Poor Sofy, she was looking quite worn out...

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,227

This morning we went out to get dogfood, so that meant a stop at Maude Heath on the way back for some playtime. Wiggle and Sofy were in the back of the car, sitting patiently during their journey:

A lovely, sunny autumn day:

Wiggle and Sofy were both enjoying the sunny day:

Sofy boinged around with the ball, while Wiggle helped himself to a quick snack - cowpoop!

Snack over, Wiggle was running with the ball, with Sofy hot on his heels:

Sofy found a nice muddy puddle to splash around in:

Another look at the view:

Somehow, both Wiggle and Sofy were looking the wrong way when I threw the ball, so Wiggle was busy running around, trying to find it (Sofy was busy snacking):

Wiggle was running, searching for the ball:

Getting closer......

Seen the ball!

And bringing it back to me:

Well done Wiggle!

Sofy was looking pleased that the ball had been found, even though she didn't bother to help find it!

Next throw and it was Wiggle who was quickest:

Sofy went in for the sideways tackle:

And in the process, Wiggle got covered in slobber!

Wiggle stopped for another quick snack, while Sofy was running towards me....

But then Wiggle was beside her, and they had other things on their mind:


I wasn't sure at this point if Sofy remembered that she had been carrying the ball:

The ball, barely floating in the muddy water:

Sofy tried to get it out:

But before we knew what was happening, Wiggle dived in and got the ball!

A muddy faced Wiggle:

Sofy, looking very sulky that she didn't get the ball, even though she had mud on her chin!

Equally muddy....

Friday, 28 October 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,226

After their dinner, then a walk in the field, Wiggle and Sofy spent some time partaking in one of their favourite hobbies - watching me eat my supper! Wiggle opted for sitting right in front of me:

While Sofy tried the side-on view.....

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,225

We've had a horrid, dreary, drizzly day here, so after our walk, Wiggle and Sofy decided the best thing was to settle down in the warm and dry:

I don't blame them!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,224

Thank you to everyone who's requested the ordering details for the LRSE&C calendars! I've replied to all requests and hope you're all pleased with your calendar's once you get them. I'm not sure how long they will take to arrive as I believe they are being printed in batches, but please bear with us!

Here's one of my favourite pictures which appears in the calendar:

This evening, Wiggle was playing in the garden, even though it was starting to get dark, hence the poor quality photo:

The light was fading so fast that the camera flash came on automatically!

Wiggle and Sofy don't seem to worry about the dark though and have been enjoying their walks in the field, wearing their Puplights so they can run around and I can see where they are!

Monday, 24 October 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,222

After their fun walk yesterday, splashing around in the river and running and chasing the ball, Wiggle wasn't doing much at all last night:

Sofy was worn out too:

This evening we've had strong winds and heavy rain, so after a very soggy walk in the field, Wiggle and Sofy are in similar positions to last night!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,221

This afternoon, I took Wiggle and Sofy to the river for a walk and as soon as they were off the lead, they were both sitting, waiting for me to throw the ball:

As soon as I'd thrown the ball, they were both in the water:

Waiting again:

Splashing around in the river:

Wiggle was waiting in the water, while Sofy sat closer to me:

Although Wiggle was already in the water, Sofy managed to get to the ball first:

Soggy Sofy:

And Wet Wiggle!

Wiggle was running with the ball:

And kept running!

And ran some more!

A little slobber across the nose, to go with the soggy doggy look:

Sofy was just as damp:

Sofy's technique was to literally throw herself at the ball:

Wiggle leapt up the riverbank:

Wiggle and Sofy, downriver:

Wiggle chases Sofy and the ball:

Sofy shows her agile side, leaping up from the water:

Wiggle also wanted to show how athletic he was:

Sofy, looking quite serious:

Wiggle, staring hard at the ball in my other hand!

Walking back towards the car, we saw a heron:

And in the car, after a rub down with the towel, fleeces went on to dry off the damp dogs....