Thursday, 31 December 2009

Wiggle's Review of 2009

As 2009 comes to an end, I wanted to take a look back at the past year for Wiggle. Having looked, month by month, Wiggle has had so many fun times and adventures, it was hard to pick one best bit for each month!

January we had the first snow of the year, so of course Wiggle enjoyed playing in that:

In February, we had Pudding staying with us, on foster after she was given up and saved from her previous life as a puppy farm breeding machine. Pudding didn't take long to learn how to have fun!

March and Pudding had gone on to her new life, Wiggle got to play on the beach, a beautiful crisp spring day spent having fun with his pal Wispa, at Cefn Sidan:

April and a walk at the Cotswold Water Park and swimming in the lake with his friend Saffy:

In May, Wiggle enjoyed the start of summer with plenty of walks across the fields:

June, Wiggle's Gotcha Day month and a walk up to the chalk horse at Cherhill:

In July, the boys and I went camping. As well as playing the sea, Wiggle went exploring and ate ice cream!

August was when we went to the Blue Cross open day in Oxfordshire, where Wiggle was on duty at the LRSE&C stall as meeter & greeter:

In September, Wiggle showed his climbing skills!

October, autumn setting in and a chilly but good day at the Banbury Canal Day where Wiggle was helping out on the LRSE&C stall and meeting very tall people!

In November, Wiggle was at Discover Dogs at Earls Court in London, representing rescue Labradors:

And all too soon the year was coming to an end, but for Wiggle, that just meant more fun - stealing decorations from the Christmas tree!

I have no idea what 2010 has in store for Wiggle, and for Sir H, but whatever happens, I'm sure Wiggle will have even more fun!

We wish you a very Happy New Year

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Wiggle - Day 559

This evening Wiggle has been playing with his Nina Ottosson interactive dog toy that I got him for Christmas. I found the toy when we were at Discover Dogs, on the Company of Animals stand ( )

The idea is that I hide a treat in the hole, cover it with the removable bone and then Wiggle has to find the treat. We started off nice and easy, with the treat in the hole:

Then got a little harder by hiding the treat:

Clearly this had Wiggle confused!

Sir H was in bed, offering no help at all...

Then Wiggle found the treat - after nudging the bone out of the way. Well done Wiggle!

Sir H decided the Spinny toy might be something his low energy level could manage:

After a new treat was hidden, the boys decided two heads were better than one!

Sir H show's that an old dog can learn new tricks:

Wiggle has another go, having no worked out how to spin the game!

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Wiggle - Day 558

Sir H is still doing well and not being sick, which is good although this evening he did struggle on the way back from his little walk. I'd stopped his drugs while he was being sick so I'm hoping its just that he needs to get them back in his system.

Wiggle has been in a silly mood this evening, drinking the bath water while I was in the bath! Thankfully, he didn't try and get in, but if I could read his mind, I'm sure he was thinking about it.

It's Wiggle's silly momens which reminded me of this little verse, posted on Wiggle's Facebook page by Ray, one of the volunteers for Heart of Texas Lab Rescue over in America:

We are off to see the Wiggle
The Wonderful Wiggly Woo
We're off, We're Off, We're Off
What Wiggly, Wiggly things will he do?

Thanks Ray, that did make me smile!

Monday, 28 December 2009

Wiggle - Day 557

Wiggle, Sir H and I are home again after a lovely visit to our friends in London. I'm very relieved to report that Sir H seems brighter and eventually stopped being sick last night and after being starved for 24 hours, has kept down a light supper of rice and egg.

Sir H stayed at the house this morning while Mindy and I took Beenz, Toby and Wiggle to the Common:

Glad to be offlead, Toby and Wiggle did lots of running around:

Wiggle, being good:

And Wiggle, after not being good - out of character for Wiggle, he decided to run off after the scent of something interesting and took ages to come back, so went back on lead for a while. Then managed to try and tangle up Beenz:

Once Wiggle had promised to be good he was allowed off lead again and had some more play time with Toby, running one way after the ball:

Then runing the other way:

Wiggle ignored his blue ball, preferring to chase after Toby's tennis ball:

Fetching the ball back:


Beenz preferred to watch rather than join in:

Toby was certain he'd seen a squirrel in the tree and shouted at it, despite the audience of passing cyclists!

After a sleep for the boys while Mindy and I went to the shops, soon it was time to head back home, with Wiggle once again travelling up front. Here he is looking out at the Thames as we drove over Battersea Bridge:

Soon though it was dark so Wiggle curled up and slept for the rest of the journey...

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Wiggle - Day 556

Wiggle is in London! We arrived late morning after a good drive along clear roads. Wiggle was wearing his car harness and rode up front as navigator and co-pilot:

Once we'd arrived, we took all the boys out for a walk on the Common. Toby and Wiggle played while Sir H and Beenz took their activities at a more leisurely pace:

While lunch was being prepared, all 4 boys tried their best to be helpers:

Helping in the kitchen is clearly very tiring, so Wiggle took himself to bed - in Toby & Beenz's very own dog sofa:

Beenz shared his bed with Sir H:

While Toby preferred to position himself on the back of the human sofa!

Unfortunately, it's not all good news since we arrived - Sir H is poorly, having been sick numerous times. In himself he does seem quite bright and he is drinking well but I'm starving him for 24 hours in case whatever it is that has upset his tummy can work itself out of his system.

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Wiggle - Day 555

Wiggle and Sir H have had a very lovely Christmas. Yesterday Wiggle started by opening his presents:

Every parcel got a sniff, clearly in the search for the best presents!

Wiggle was very pleased when he discovered some new balls!

Wiggle also found a new Loofa toy - this time a Christmas reindeer:

Unfortunately, it wasn't long before the new toy was needing to go to the Toy Hospital....

Chewing over, back to check more of the parcels:

Wiggle doesn't look terribly impressed with his new interactive toy....

Wiggle was pleased to discover an edible rawhide Christmas card!

Sir H wasn't in a festive mood and was unimpressed with present opening:

After the presents had been opened, the boys had a walk on the Downs and then we headed over to my parents for the day. Wiggle and Sir H enjoyed a turkey dinner and helped us humans open our gifts.

This morning we all slept in and after brunch (bacon & eggs for me and the boys!) we drove up to the Downs for a walk. The weather has turned milder here, which is a relief after driving on icey roads!

Wiggle didn't hang around:

Running and fetching his ball:

Waiting to chase the ball:

So much space!

Running in the sun:

Sir H, enjoying the fresh air & sunshine:

Meanwhile, Wiggle was still running:

And fetching:

Wiggle waits for the ball while Sir H had other thoughts running through his mind:

Sir H was planning some rolling!

Wiggle was still busy though, running after his ball:

And making the most of a beautiful winter's day

Tomorrow we're going to London to stay with Mindy and Paul and their Labrador boys, Toby and Beenz, two of the boys favourite friends....