Friday, 30 October 2009

Wiggle - Day 498

Wiggle has been having a bit of a chewy evening.

Started off with the yellow rubber bone....

And then progressed to a nylabone.

Seems they weren't quite right though for the mood Wiggle was in so he had a good rummage around in the toy basket and found a toy that had belonged to Bumpy from a few years back - the dogtoy version of a 'Starbucks' coffee mug.

Before long, stuffing was escaping.....

Then, all of a sudden, Wiggle was looking very pleased with himself!

Chewing and tugging away, Wiggle had managed to destroy the toy!

All that destruction was clearly tiring:

So Wiggle left the trail of destruction.....

.... and took himself off to the sofa!

The remains of the toy have now been cleared away while Wiggle rests.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Wiggle - Day 497

This evening, not long after I got home, fireworks were going off. Wiggle doesn't take any notice but Sir H has never been keen on strange noises so took to his bed, with his head tucked in the corner. Thankfully, he's not overly worried, just a little unsettled but I know some dogs can get very scared.

A link to a useful website was posted on Twitter recently, and there's some really good advice on there, including a downloadble mp3 with firework sounds which can be played to get a dog used to the strange noises.

In recent years it's seemed like fireworks go off for a good week or so either side of Bonfire Night itself so we'll be checking for noises before we go out as I don't want Sir H getting scared and Wiggle deciding he needs to worry too.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Wiggle - Day 495

We're getting ourselves organised for Discover Dogs next month. Looks like we'll now be there on the Sunday, 15th November, as LRSE&C have been offered a stand for the day.

Hopefully we'll have lots of visitors to the stand, keen to know more about rescue Labradors but as with Wiggle, sponsorship is just as important as rehoming.

Many of the dogs that come into LRSE&C's care have health problems and need the support of the charity. Wiggle wouldn't be the fit and healthy dog he is today without their support and each year, the rescue pays thousands of pounds in veterinary bills.

I'm working on some display information showing how Wiggle was 'before' and 'after' and of course he'll be there on the stand, meeting and greeting but to give visitors something to take away, I've ordered some printed postcards:

It's easy to forget how Wiggle looked when he arrived:

But without the support of Labrador Rescue South East & Central, Wiggle wouldn't look like this today:

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Wiggle - Day 493

Yesterday was a bit boring for Wiggle as I had lots to do around the house so apart from walks and cuddles, nothing of interest happened as far as Wiggle was concerned. Unless you count stealing a sock from the clothes airer!

Today though, household chores done, Wiggle and I went out. We went to Marlborough for a wander along the high street, making the most of the sunshine. Wiggle got lots of fuss from passers by and when I asked if I could take him into one shop, the staff said yes so Wiggle had more attention!

I stopped for a coffee and Wiggle was very good, sitting patiently, watching the world go by.

After that we stopped on the Downs so Wiggle could have a good run, and run he did!

Once we were home, I decided to do some baking and made the boys pilchard cake. Wiggle was my assistant, licking the spoon after I'd mixed the ingredients:

And being such a help in the kitchen, he also licked the bowl!

Sir H didn't miss out - he got to lick the bowl too:

After patiently waiting, the cakes were ready:

To take their mind off the cakes while they cooled down, the boys went for their evening walk and when we came back, it was time for cake!

Wiggle likes cake:

Super concentration requires a wonky nose!

Some not especially attractive drool was forming.....

The recipe is one I found online and its very easy:

2 large tins pilchards in tomato sauce
10oz self raising flour
2 eggs
milk to mix

Mix all together in a food processor adding enough milk to make a soft cake like consistency (I don't have a food processor so just mash up the pilchards in a large bowl with a fork). Bake in large shallow tray or split into 2 loaf tins (lined with silicone paper or you'll never get it out of the tin) at 160 degrees until firm - just like a sponge cake. I usually find it takes around 30-40 minutes. Cut into small cubes. Will keep in the fridge for up to one week or freeze.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Wiggle - Day 491

Friday is officially Fling Day!!

Today's toy of choice was the green frog:

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Wiggle - Day 490

Wiggle has a new item of clothing - a special Wiggle bandanna!

As Wiggle goes to various events representing Labrador Rescue South East & Central, it was either a t-shirt for me saying "I'm with Wiggle" or something for the boy himself, so I went for the latter!

As you can see, Wiggle takes absolutely no notice of it and spent some happy time chewing up one of his toys!

This evening Wiggle has been to school - back to our usual group. Unfortunately Tracey was poorly (get better soon!) so Andrew took the class. Wiggle was very happy as Andrew apparently has better treats than me and Wiggle considers him his bestest friend!

We spent some time practising the wait and Wiggle did do better this evening, concentrating on me and sitting still for over a minute. We then moved on to getting the dogs to relax and walk on a loose lead, but as with the others, Wiggle started off pulling a bit. After a while though, he calmed down and was soon walking along nicely and not taking any notice of anyone else.

Wiggle was much more confident again tonight and went up to Honey to say hello and even accepted some licks from her! We had a lot of fun at the end of class when Wiggle and I were walking around the barn with no lead and so was Honey with her owner. As we were going in opposite directions, we passed each other and Honey and Wiggle decided to swap around!

After doing a lap each, Wiggle and Honey were BOTH with Honey's owner, leaving me dogless! It was lovely to seem both dogs having fun, tails wagging and Wiggle not worrying about not being right by my side.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Wiggle Will Be At Discover Dogs!

Exciting news!! Wiggle will be at Discover Dogs next month!

Wiggle's rescue, Labrador Rescue South East & Central, have been invited to be at the event at Earls Court in London on the 14th November and Wiggle has been asked to be there. It should be a great day, with many different breeds represented by their breed clubs and breed rescues.

Discover Dogs is open from 10am to 5pm on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th November. The event has grown over the years and will now fill the whole of Earls Court One. It's going to be huge!

Wiggle has been great at different events as a LRSE&C 'Meeter & Greeter" and I'm very proud that he's been asked to attend and show everyone just how fantastic rescue Labrador's can be.

There's loads going on, including Scruffts - the Crossbreed Dog of the Year final, dog agility displays and demonstrations and over 100 trade stands.

For more information about what's on, how to get there, order tickets etc, go to the Discover Dogs website at:

Monday, 19 October 2009

Wiggle - Day 487

Wiggle spent the rest of his day yesterday, curled up on the sofa. He stayed awake long enough to go out for an evening walk with Sir H but then went back to his comfy position.
When I went to bed, Wiggle stayed downstairs and was making little woofs in his sleep! I have no idea what was going through his mind as he's not one for barking but whatever he was dreaming about, it must have been good.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Wiggle - Day 486

We've been to Westonbirt Arboretum today for a walk with friends. Wiggle and I got there nice and early as this time of year, Westonbirt gets very busy as visitors flock to see the beautiful autumn colours, especially the Acer collection.

Once we'd met up with Elaine and Freddie & Sid, Lynne with Todd & Snoopy and Amy with Louie, we started our walk round Silk Wood.

Wiggle had his tennis ball while Sid checked out the smells:

Wiggle, kicking up the fallen leaves:

Still running with his ball:

Downhill, ear flapping running:

Sid wasn't hanging around either! Sid has been unwell recently, having to have a nasty tumour removed so it was great to see him with a spring in his step:

Wiggle was still playing while Freddie found some very interesting mud to inspect:

Sid, Freddie and Snoopy:

Wiggle, probably up to no good in the bushes while Freddie, Sid and Snoopy find good smells:

Wiggle, wanting me to throw the ball. Just for a change!

Sid and Freddie go one way while Wiggle comes back to me:

Louie, Sid & Freddie heading along the path while Wiggle goes back to the bushes:

Freddie and Sid stop for a drink.....

.... this is what happens when you have long ears!

Wiggle was way ahead:

But soon back again, waiting for me to throw the ball:

Wiggle does some excellent cornering while Louie pootles about:

Wiggle was oblivious to the lovely colours of the leaves!

In a lapse in concentration, Wiggle lost his ball!

Wiggle & Freddie, with a Springer who decided to come and say hello:

Preparing for the group shot.......

Sid, Wiggle, Freddie, Louie, Todd & Snoopy:

Not one to sit stil for long, Wiggle was running again, having got his ball back:

Todd, bless him, was still waiting....

We love Todd, especially his distinguished, handsome grey features

Wiggle, happy as ever!

Amy had treats and got lots of attention!

Elaine, Amy and Lynne while the dogs wait nicely

After that quick stop, the toys were out and Sid borrowed Wiggle's ball on a rope:

Wiggle was happy to lend a toy and Sid enjoyed himself

Snoopy wasn't doing toys though

Wiggle, sitting and waiting for the ball while the others sniff out the best smells:

Still running.......

Despite all that running, the dogs still had some energy left to concentrate and watch while we went to get coffee!

Wiggle is worn out and I expect the others are too. Sir H stayed at home as he wouldn't have wanted to walk as far as we did but he's been out this evening for a little trundle and is currently having twitchy dreams from his bed....