Sunday, 29 March 2009

Wiggle - Day 284

Polly seems to enjoy being here. Despite taking a while to settle last night, she eventually wore herself out and slept upstairs with Wiggle. When we went out this morning for our walk, she watched Wiggle running around after his ball and even made a few attempts at carrying the ball after he dropped it for me to throw

While I was out, Polly did bark but to be fair to her, the neighbours were making noises but when everything went quiet, she did settle down. I'm not too worried at the moment as it's still early days and Polly was clean and not destructive when I left her.

Wiggle and Sir H don't really seem to be bothered by Polly being here and Wiggle is happy to have his space on the sofa - Polly doesn't do furniture!

Polly has claimed the squishy bed for herself and after dinner and our evening walk has taken herself off to bed.

Pretty Polly:

Sleepy girl:

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Wiggle - Day 283

Polly has arrived!

Wiggle and I went over to the kennels to collect Polly earlier and we'd arranged to meet up with Ange, Rob & Minnie-Moo for a walk after. Polly hasn't seen much of the world, despite being 6 years old so she was keen to explore the woods.

With every foster dog, it's been a case of see how they behave on walks before letting them offlead, but Polly stayed close by and came back each time she was called. I think she rather enjoyed having some freedom to run around, check out the smells and do what all dogs should be able to do!

Wiggle was happy, especially after some running he found some very smelly substances to roll in

Uncle Rob was happy to give in to Polly's demands for fuss!

Minnie-Moo had her ball

More running in the sunshine...

When we got home, Sir H looked over the moon at Polly's arrival

After lots of pacing around, sniffing, knocking things over etc, Polly settled for a while

And now, rather worn out, she's gone to bed!

Friday, 27 March 2009

Wiggle - Day 282

I've been working nights so it's been a quiet couple of days for the boys. I don't think Sir H minds getting so much sleep and Wiggle still gets to run around and play, so he's happy too.

Today Wiggle has had his Atopica dose reduced. After 15 days on the 100mg daily dose, he's now on 50mg every other day. Hopefully he'll continue to do ok on this lower dose for a while and his skin has definitely settled down again, so thats good news. Wiggle doesn't mind taking his tablet as he know's he gets his breakfast straight after, and being a typical Labrador, food is the most important thing in life!

Tomorrow we'll be going to collect Polly from kennels. We're going to meet up with Ange and Minnie-Moo for a walk after, so that should be nice for Polly to get out after a couple of weeks in the kennels. Wiggle and Minnie-Moo are great friends already so they will no doubt have fun when we go for a walk in the woods.

Wiggle is of course unaware of what's in store for tomorrow and currently chewing on a ragger toy!

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Wiggle - Day 280

We've been over Trowbridge way this morning to meet up with Ange, Minnine-Moo's mum. Ange has been helping a Labrador who has come into the care of LRSE&C after her owner died.

Polly is 6 years old and currently in kennels so I took Wiggle over to meet Polly and as everything went well, she will be coming here to stay with us for a while on foster. Due to the sad circumstances of Polly coming into rescue, we don't know too much about her so while she is here she will get a thorough assessment to help her find her perfect forever home.

Here's the beautiful girl:

And Wiggle, being more interested in a toy than Polly!

My photography skills weren't so good today so here's a photo that Ange took the other day:

I'll be going to kennels to collect Polly at the weekend so I'll keep you updated with her progress.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Wiggle - Day 279

Yesterday would have been Bumpy's Gotcha Day. This time last year, I couldn't have known that Bumpy and Dolly wouldn't be with me now. Rather than feel sad though, I remember the happier times, especially days out like when we went on the ferry to the Isle of Wight to visit my parents on Mothers Day last year.

Bumpy and Dolly were pirates for the day, travelling on the top deck of the ferry across to the island.

We're all enjoying the lighter mornings, even more on days like today when I've been at work. It's nice to be going for our walk as the sun's coming up rather than it feeling like the middle of the night!

I'm guessing that Wiggle did lots of running around with the dogwalker today as this evening, he's worn out:

Sir H has had a little excitement - he's chosen a different bed to sleep in! I have no idea why he has decided to venture out from his bed in the corner, but I thought this rare event was worth mentioning...

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Wiggle - Day 277

Spring is definitely in the air for Wiggle! Despite already having had a couple of walks today, including a walk across the fields which involved lots of chasing after his ball on a rope, Wiggle was still wanting to play in the garden this afternoon.

I'd taken down the temporary fence yesterday and cut the grass so Wiggle was keen to make the most of the good weather and spend some quality time outside with a toy. He started off quite calmly...

But soon realised the fling-ability of this afternoon's toy of choice.

After several attempts at trying to knock himself out, Wiggle has come over all tired and taken himself off to bed for a pre-dinner nap.

Sir H has had a quieter day, coming out with us but choosing to lay down and letWiggle do all the running around!

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Wiggle - Day 276

Another sunny day here in Wiltshire. We've been out and about, first calling in on the parents. Next stop was a haircut for me and then a visit next door but one to Aunty Barbara at the pet shop. Wiggle got lots of fuss and treats and chose himself a new toy - a floating Air Kong on a rope.

Wanting to make the most of such a lovely day, we went to Coate Water for a walk. Wiggle wanted to play with his new toy while Sir H wanted to sniff things

Soon we were at the edge of the lake and Sir H decided to stand in the water for a while

While Wiggle was far too busy, fetching his new toy

I think Sir H may have been feeling sleepy....

No time to rest for Wiggle though

Wiggle, the long distance swimmer:

Coming back

Not far to go...

Brought it back!

And then a celebratory run around in the sunshine!

We walked on a bit further, stopping at the kiosk for coffee for me and Mini-Milk ice lollies for the boys. They went down well!

Wiggle checked out the spring flowers

Before running around some more

Sir H was in a cheeky mood and wanted to steal the frothy milk off the top of my latte!

Wiggle, just being handsome

More fetching, although the good weather had brought out the picnics, which Wiggle thought were for him!

After getting back, Wiggle went to bed. Except that this morning I took the covers off the beds to wash them....

This afternoon we've been out in the garden, doing some tidying and cutting the grass. Wiggle was being very helpful (not) by dropping his toy at my feet every few minutes. I suspect that there will be much snoring later after the boys busy day!

Friday, 20 March 2009

Wiggle - Day 275

After yesterdays beach walk, both boys were absolutely worn out. Wiggle was especially tired and spent most of the evening like this:

They've had a quieter day today although Sir H has had to go to the vets. One of his ears is sore and has been bleeding so as soon as I noticed, I made the appointment and off we went to see Alison. After a thorough check of both ears, the sore ear is actually ok but its possible Sir H got some sand in it yesterday and has been scratching, making it inflammed. He now has some drops and all being well, will be feeling more comfortable in a few days.

As I took both boys to the vets and it's close to the river in town we stopped there for a walk after. Wiggle spent most of the day sleeping so was chasing around after his ball, in and out of the water. Sir H was just happy to get in and wallow for a while.

After being dried off when we got home, Wiggle and Sir H are now fast asleep and not expected to move much for the rest of the evening....

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Wiggle - Day 274

We went to Wales today to take Pudding back to the rescue. I was very sad to say goodbye and Pudding was very confused as to what was going on but I'm sure that it didn't take her long to catch up with her friends who she left behind and at the weekend she will be going to her lovely new home. We did have extra cuddles this morning in bed and knowing how outgoing and confident Pudding is, I don't think she will take long to settle in her new home.

After dropping Pudding off, the boys and I met up with our friend Phebe and her dog, Wispa. We'd arranged to go for a walk on the beach so we headed off to Cefn Sidan beach. The weather has been absolutely fantastic - clear blue skies, warm sun and hardly a breeze so we couldn't have had a nicer day for a spring beach walk.

The beach is lovely, seven miles long and even though there were other walkers, most of the time it felt like we were the only ones there. Here's a lot of photo's of our day.

Wiggle was keener to play with his ball than appreciate the scenery!

Before long though, he was running up and down with Wispa

Wispa & Wiggle:

Despite all 3 having been out earlier in the day, Wispa and Wiggle had bags of energy

Sir H, as usual, decided on a slower pace, which involved finding interesting sea smells

Wiggle and Wispa didn't have time to sniff, they were too busy playing

Sir H went in the sea - to have a lay down!

Wiggle & Pudding were too busy playing though

Play stopped temporarily....

Sir H showing off his sandy bum:

More running:


Wiggle goes for a dip:

Wispa tries flying

And is rather good at it!

Wiggle, with his ball, as always

Being chased by Wispa:

Wispa stalked some crows.....

Before choosing one to chase!

Wiggle The Soggy Sea Dog:

No time to stop!

Sandy faced Wiggle

The after effects of diving into the sand to get the ball

Heading back up the dunes to the car:

We really did have a lovely walk. I don't know whether the boys have been to the beach before but we'll definitely be going again.