Monday, 26 August 2019

Bank Holiday Weekend

Ziggy enjoyed having his bestie, Lilly to stay but had to say goodbye to her on Friday when she went home.  He really loves her and enjoyed having her company and will no doubt see her again soon.

On Saturday, we went out and about in Cirencester with Grandyma and Ziggy had his own plans - to visit Pets at Home and spend the birthday gift card which his Auntie Sue had very kindly sent him.  He checked out all the different options and chose wisely - some treats that were on offer and a fabbie foxy toy that was reduced.  Thank you so much Auntie Sue xx

As it has been so warm, we didn't go out until after sunset yesterday and today we were out before 8am as it was nice and cool first thing, and quite misty.

The grass was dewy damp and the smells left by all kinds of wildlife were nice and fresh so Ziggy spent a lot of time follwing his nose:

Lack of visibility wasn't a problem for Ziggy:

Ziggy shows what happens when you spend so much time sniffing in the field:

Ziggy in the mist:

Sunday, 18 August 2019

Celebrating Two Years of Ziggy!

Earlier this week we celebrated Ziggy's 2nd Gotcha Day - two years since he arrived here on foster.

Needless to say, he's doing a lot better these days not just healthier but happier too,

I had a surprised for Ziggy when I brought Lilly home from work on Thursday:

Ziggy was so happy he couldn't control his waggy tail!

Lilly is staying for a week while her family are away so it has been lovely having a choccie girl again for walks in the fields

Ziggy was leading the way as we went from field to field, crossing the little bridge:

Yesterday we went to see Grandyma and stopped for brunch at the Cricklade Club

Lilly and Ziggy both enjoyed themselves and some tasty snacks:

Today we went down to the fields by the river:

Lilly was first in the water:

 Both of them had fun running free:

Ziggy was watching Lilly

And soon joined her but stayed where it was shallow:

Out of the water, they were running in the sun again before it was time to come home

Sunday, 11 August 2019

Golden Boy

It's been a sunshiney and showery kind of day but we got out in the fields before the rain and while it was sunny, Ziggy was golden!

He had fun earlier in the week while DeeDee was still with us, especially when we all went for a walk by the river in town:

DeeDee and Ziggy share a love of toy shredding so had a destruction session before DeeDee went home:

Yesterday we went over to Grandyma's to take her shopping and stop in at Dobbies for some lunch.  

Ziggy likes it there as he gets tons of fuss and sometimes so tasty snacks.  He likes to look as woeful and deserving of a snack as he possibly can:

As much as Ziggy likes coming shopping, he loves our walks in the fields close to home.  He never runs too far ahead, always turning every so often to check I'm sitll following

Surrounded by golden fields:

A lovely Sunny Sunday walk: 

Sunday, 4 August 2019

Birthday Baldy Dog

This week we celebrated Ziggy's 8th birthday.   He was lucky enough to receive some birthday cards as well as some lovely presents so thank you to everyone for thinking of our baldy boy on his special day.

Yesterday Ziggy's Grandyma came to stay so we all went to the bistro in town for lunch, which is one of Ziggy's favourite places as he always orders a sausage when we are there.

This morning, we walked around to one of our friends houses to collect sweet little DeeDee who is staying with us for a few days while her mum is away.

DeeDee was one of Sofy's bestest friends and is a very funny little girl who spends a lot of time rolling over for a tummy rub.

Grandyma is on Doggy Daycare duties so I'm sure DeeDee's demands will be met!