Thursday, 13 December 2018

2019 Calendars - Still Time to Win One!

Just over a week to go and there is still time to place your bid to win one of these fabulous calendar’s featuring a whole year of Ziggy!

Without the generous support of Labrador Rescue South East & Central Ziggy would not be as improved as he is today.  We have had some ups and downs and sometimes felt like he was getting worse rather than improving but for the foreseeable future Ziggy will continue on his medication and also have his special bath’s every other day.  His skin is so prone to allergic reactions and the white blood cells are trying to attack from the inside but he is more stable now than he has been in the past, so I’m very thankful for that.

Ziggy is just one of the dogs cared for by LRSE&C through their Welfare Fund which makes fundraising all the more important.

Today, Ziggy still needs to grow some fur but he is happy and healthy and so loved, we hope we can give back to the charity by selling these special calendars.

Information how to bid is here:  Fundraising Calendar