Friday, 27 February 2009

Wiggle - Day 254

I've been working nights so a quiet few days for Wiggle, Sir H and Pudding. We're liking the longer daylight hours though as it means our morning and evening walks are not in the dark! Wiggle and Pudding have been doing lots of ball chasing while Sir H has been taking life at his usual slower pace.

In between work and walkies, I've been listing items for the Refuge auction which starts at the weekend. I mentioned a couple of days ago that we'd had some fab donations from different companies and I've received even more parcels! It's really great to have received so much support, so once again I'm going to say a few thank you's....

Bump to 3:

8 in 1:


Harringtons Dog Food:

Land of Holistic Pets:

Pets at Home:

Rosewood Pet Products:

Sharples & Grant:

We've got nearly 300 lots now which is fantastic and will hopefully enable us to raise a good amount for Dogstar Foundation and Wiccaweys. If you're reading this and would like to support the auction, all the lovely lots can be found here:

You do need to be registered on the forum to bid, but it's definitely worth taking a few minuts to join and help us raise much needed funds for these two very worthy recipients.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Wiggle - Day 252

After yesterday's running around and walk later in the evening, all the hounds were worn out. Not long after I took the following photo, Wiggle and Pudding decided that they both needed to be on the sofa with me, so it all got a bit cramped!

Last week I mentioned the forthcoming auction on The Refuge so I've been busy in the last few days sending out emails to different companies, begging for items. I've been quite overwhelmed by the level of support we've received as between myself, Di and Cheryl who have also been sending emails, we've had 18 companies agreeing to donate items.

So far, we've received items from the following companies, so a big, HUGE thank you to them for their generosity!

Ancol Pet Products:

Hawkins Bazaar:

Burns Pet Nutrition:

The Canny Company:

Collars & Tags Ltd:


K9 Designs:

Pet London:

The auction starts on Sunday and we're hoping to once again, raise a great amount for the two rescue organisations chosen to benefit.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Wiggle - Day 251

We've been up to Maude Heath for a walk and as usual, there was no one else around. Wiggle and Pudding chased a ball together, although Pudding still doesn't have the best running 'style'

And on the odd occassion that she gets to the ball before Wiggle, she tends to dive on the ball rather than actuall catch it!

Wiggle just loves running around and he does seem to like having competition when it comes to getting the ball first

Both waiting for me to throw the ball.

Wiggle, bringing the ball back

Sir H minds his own business while the other two play

Happy, handsome Wiggle:

But then you notice the rather fetching bit of grass hanging out of his mouth!

Three Lab's

One ball - two different directions!

Pudding, chasing Wiggle & the ball

Sir H, rolling, not walking

All three, Sir H walking for a change

Wiggle, being chased. Again.

Since coming home, Wiggle has had a bath and is wrapped up in his dressing gown. He's still having his baths every couple of weeks as it helps his skin and I noticed earlier, he's moulting a little at the moment. In a funny way, seeing his body naturally shed fur makes me happy as I@ doubt this time last year Wiggle had enough fur to spare any for moulting....

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Wiggle - Day 249

Wiggle seems to be liking having Pudding here with us. Although he's been a bit sulky at times, no doubt upset at having to share me, he definitely enjoys running around with Pudding and playing ball with her.

As regular readers of Wiggle's blog will know, he loves to chase a tennis ball. Wiggle also loves having someone to chase a ball with, probably as he know's that he's very fast and not many dogs can out-run him. Pudding certainly can't out-run him and she's not perfected the art of graceful running like Wiggle, but what she lacks in style, she makes up with enthusiasm!

I've 'stolen' this photo from Ange as it's one she took on Thursday when we met up and I love it - two happy, running dogs - Wiggle and Pudding kicking up leaves together.

Ange takes much better photo's than me so I also borrowed this one:

Doesn't Wiggle look handsome? I keep looking at that photo and thinking how far he's come, how well and healthy he looks. Seeing him running around with Pudding is such a pleasure to watch - it's hard now to remember how Wiggle used to be....

Friday, 20 February 2009

Wiggle - Day 247

A bit of a photo-overload today! We've had a lovely, bright day so despite the hounds all being worn out from yesterday's adventures, we headed up to the Downs for a walk..

Wiggle and Pudding seemed to forget how tired they had been as soon as they were out of the car. Sir H took things a little slower and followed at his own pace, letting the mad young things run around....

Pudding, making a photo-stop

Waiting for the ball...

Pudding boings around

Enjoying the sunshine

I think Pudding really rather likes having Pudding here as he's got someone to play ball with again and I think he's determined to prove he is the fastest of the two!

No matter how tired he gets, Wiggle still wants me to throw the ball!

Sir H, plodding and choosing a nice patch of grass....

And then having a roll around!

Wiggle, with Pudding trying to keep up

Roll over, Sir H watches

More mad running

All three, with Sir H making a rare upright appearance in a photo!

Pudding is determined that one day, she will catch Wiggle & the ball!

Happy hounds

Sir H, taking his own time

Still running.....

Handsome boy

And finishing up with some more running before heading back to the car

Lastly, a little video clip

Since getting home, all three are fast asleep and it's doubtful they'll move before dinner time!

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Wiggle - Day 246

Wiggle's had a busy day today. After a slightly later start today we had our morning walk in the daylight so he and Pudding chased around after the ball on a rope. While Sir H had a lie down.

After a rest for the dogs and catch up on stuff around the house for me, we went out at lunchtime to meet up with Ange and Rob again, with Minnie Moo and Max. It was a big day for Pudding as it was her first walking date and she did well. Max remembered Sir H and Wiggle and was a happy, waggy boy with his toy in his mouth. Minnie-Moo did lots of running and chasing ball and is much better at not losing toy's like Wiggle!

Early on in the walk:

Pudding chasing Wiggle:

Pudding, Wiggle and Max:

Pudding chasing Wiggle, again:

Handsome Max:

During our walk, the dogs were very pleased to find a nice muddy stream.

Sir H, to the right of the photo, was overjoyed....

And wallowed. As he does.

While Pudding had a drink!

All the dogs got on really well again and it was lovely for them all to run around in the woods, chasing toys, playing and having a great time getting very muddy!

After a coffee stop for us humans, it was time to head for home. All 3 were worn out and slept most of the journey

Pudding had got very muddy so she had a bath when we got in. She wasn't overly happy but I kept it quick and she's talking to me again now!