Thursday, 30 July 2009

Wiggle - Day 406

We've had nearly all weathers today - sunshine, torrential rain and hailstones but fortunately, this evening it was back to lovely sunshine.

Not wanting to miss out, I took the boys up to the Downs for our walk. Sir H, in the absence of a puddle, found some mud to lay down on:

While Wiggle waited impatiently for me to throw the ball.

So I did!!

And Wiggle being Wiggle, he raced back, ready for me to throw the ball again!

Sir H enjoyed the evening sun:

While Wiggle did more chasing:

Stopping to catch his breath:

And back to running again:

Sir H declined a nice "2 boys together" photo and rolled around instead:

Not one to hang around, Wiggle was back to running flat out after the ball:

Meanshile, Sir H hadn't moved very far:

Wiggle is worn out now, fast asleep on Sir H's bed.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Wiggle - Day 405

The boys have both been worn out after our weekend and spent most of yesterday catching up on sleep while I sorted stuff out. We went for a walk on the Downs in the evening and Wiggle managed to find the energy to run around like a loon, chasing after his ball. Sir H lay down.

Wiggle is Lab of the Week on the Labradors Worldwide site. You can see him here:

I'm back to work today but I'm sure the boys will be glad of some peace and quiet!

Monday, 27 July 2009

Wiggle & Sir H Went Camping!

We're home after a very lovely weekend camping near Weymouth. We stayed at East Fleet Farm and had a great pitch, right next to the sea and dog walks, but nicely sheltered by a hedge!

Here's how our weekend went:


Wiggle and Sir H were patient and waited for me to pitch the tent and before long, it was done and our home for the weekend was set up.

Despite the weather forecast predicting rain, we had a rather nice sunny evening so took ourselves off for a walk along the coastal path which runs along the edge of the site.

After a barbecue dinner, we settled down for the night, listening to the sea lapping at the shore.


We woke the next morning to a beautiful day! Wiggle and Sir H ate their breakfast alfresco

As I mentioned the other day, Sir H was booked into doggy daycare, so after breakfast by the tent, we dropped him off and Wiggle and I headed for the beach. Dogs aren't allowed on the main beach in Weymouth so we drove along the coast a mile or two until we came to Bowleaze Cove where dogs are allowed, although on lead. Wiggle didn't waste any time getting in the sea and getting wet!

After stopping for coffee for me and water for Wiggle, we headed over to Portland, stopping at the top to take in the view:

We made our way up to the lighthouse at Portland Bill:

Unfortunately, we couldn't go up the lighthouse as it was a Saturday and tours are every other day of the week! We still enjoyed ourselves though, sitting on the grass in the sunshine, enjoying the view.

Of course, being by the sea, we had to have an ice cream, so we each had a 99 - Wiggle had his without chocolate flake:

We wandered around some more, stopping at the other side of the lighthouse.

Soon it was time to head back to collect Sir H, but we had time to stop at Chesil Beach. Wiggle and I walked to the top of the pebbles but it was rather windy - look at Wiggle's ears flapping!

Walking back down to calmer water, Wiggle did some more splashing about:

We picked up Sir H from the kennels - apparently he'd spent most of his day snoozing in the sunshine - and after stopping for supplies, went back to the campsite for dinner. The boys waited patiently while I barbecued; sausages for them!

After we'd eaten and relaxed for a while, we walked along the coastal path again, but this time going in the other direction. It really was lovely and peaceful, just the 3 of us along by the sea:

The evening turned cooler, but we were nice and snug in our tent. The heat soon built up and I relaxed with a glass of wine and a good book...

... while the boys slept:


Although dry, Sunday wasn't so warm. It was still fine for breakfast outdoors, although while waiting, Wiggle decided to tangle himself up a bit!

Once breakfast was out of the way, we took a trip over to Abbotsbury Sub Tropical Gardens. We'd just arrived and a pheasant came strutting over to us!

The boys didn't notice but that's probably just as well! Sir H didn't want to walk too fast so we had plenty of rest stops:

As the weather wasn't so warm, we didn't really see many other people as we wandered around and it was lovely to pootle along at our own pace, enjoying the lovely flowers and plants.

Even though there were a few spots of rain, after a coffee at the gardens we drove on to Lyme Regis. The boys and I sat outside a beach front cafe and shared a lunch of crab sandwiches but Sir H was getting worn out so after we'd eaten, I popped him back in the car. He was much more comfortable in there, with the fan on that's attached to the dog guard.

Wiggle and I had a wander along the front but Wiggle wasn't impressed - Dogs not allowed on the beach!

The little shops were more dog friendly though, so we still enjoyed wandering around although the hill back towards the carpark was rather steep and had us both out of breath!

After all that fresh air, the boys were both worn out and the rain set in for the night so we made ourselves comfortable and listened to the rain hitting the tent.


This morning we woke to more rain but thankfully the tent didn't leak and we were nice and dry. The rain stopped briefly, so the boys had breakfast outside again while I packed up our things. After an hour or so, the rain stopped and the sun came out!

Once I'd packed most of our stuff in the car, I left the tent up to try and dry it out a bit and we went for a stroll along the coastal path, Wiggle leading the way:

Sir H wanted a rest and Wiggle wanted to sniff the sea air:

We were packed up and ready to leave the site by 10am, but as it was such a lovely, sunny morning I decided not to waste the day and we headed back to Bowleaze Cove so Sir H could get his feet wet.

Wiggle was very happy to see the sea again.

Sir H drank some sea water. No idea why, it must taste horrid!

Wiggle was enjoying himself:

Both boys in the sea:

Sir H, having a wallow:

While Wiggle splashes around.

We really have enjoyed the weekend; the site was great and the staff friendly and having the dog walks only a few pitches from our tent was good for Sir H.

Now we're home and unpacked, the boys are sleeping and I'm looking forward to our next camping trip....