Thursday, 30 September 2010

Please vote for Wiggle!

I have entered Wiggle into the Drontal Pet SuperStar Competition! If you've got a spre moment and can vote for Wiggle, we'd be really grateful. The website link is:

Thank you!!

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Wiggle - Day 832

Wiggle was allowed one more birthday treat last night - to sleep on my bed!

If he could talk for himself, I am sure Wiggle would like to thank everyone for all the lovely birthday wishes and especially thank his girlfriend, LucytheLab for the gift she sent, and also say thank you to Lucy, Valerie and Stuart for their card and gift.

Today Wiggle has been to the vet for his annual booster and check up. As we were in a bit of a rush, Wiggle was all boingy and bouncy and did lots of little jumps with his front feet while the vet was trying to examine him! It was all fine though, and after coming home for dinner, it was a run around the field in the dark!

After all that rushing around, Wiggle settled down to rest and its where he's been for the last hour or so!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Happy 8th Birthday Wiggle!!!

Today Wiggle has been celebrating his 8th birthday. We have been to the Downs for some big running and tonight's dinner was kibble with nommy salmon mousse.

After dinner, Wiggle checked out his presents and didn't take long to get into his parcels!

Lucky Wiggle!

Wiggle was excited to receive a boingy new toy from his girlfriend Lucy and wasted no time in playing some flingy games:

The Birthday Boy:

Monday, 27 September 2010

Wiggle - Day 830

Wiggle is having an early night......

... he's saving his energy for tomorrow!

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Wiggle - Day 829

This morning Wiggle was checking out the parcel from his girlfriend, Lucy The Lab. She has given a hint that there may be something edible in there, so Wiggle was having another little sniff to make sure:

Sofy came to see what the sniffing was for and then decided to look sad because she doesn't have any parcels sent to her:

This afternoon, after I'd been to the parents for lunch, Sofy and Wiggle lined up nice and tidy and waited for a tasty beefy rawhide chew. Wiggle was waggy with excitement:

For some reason though, Wiggle decided to have a good look at his chew:

And so did Sofy:

I have no idea .......!!

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Wiggle - Day 828

Busy weekend of friends and family who are visiting, but we still made time for a good run on the Downs this afternoon, enjoying a crisp, sunny day......

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

A Dog Called Max

At the weekend, at the Dogs Party, we met a very special dog called Max.

Max came into the care of Labrador Rescue South East & Central last month and was making his public debut at the Dogs Party.

I'd heard about Max already as Jo, a LRSE&C volunteer, had called me when she was arranging to get Max from his home and into foster with her. I remember the phone conversation as Jo asked my advice in dealing with skin problems - she had seen Max and said he was in a bad way, or "another Wiggle".

This is what Max looked like then:

And this is Max now:

Already, in such a short space of time, with love and veterinary care, Max is starting to grow his fur back:

I have to admit, when I crouched down to hug Max and he leaned into me, I cried. Max was just how Wiggle was - bald and leathery skin, bones that could be felt and that same sad face. And just like Wiggle, Max's skin condition can be treated. And just like Wiggle, Max's owners gave up on him.....

Now though, Max is being looked after and he's being loved and is becoming a happy, waggy boy.

I honestly didn't think I would meet "another Wiggle" but I know that now Max is in Jo's care and in the care of LRSE&C, he'll be ok. He's going to be as handsome as Wiggle and I know that whoever gets to adopt Max will be very lucky indeed.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Wiggle - Day 823

We had a great day yesterday at the LRSE&C Dogs Party. Unfortunately we were so tired yesterday that I didn't get around to sorting out the photos.

Hopefully though, our update will be worth the wait!

Our little stand for the day:

It was a little windy, as you can see from the way the side panel of the gazebo is beinding in!

Wiggle, next to his display board:

Wiggle and Sofy had a little reunion with their pal Berkley and his dad Wayne, who they know from Crufts and Discover Dogs.

Lots of Labrador's:

Non-Labrador's were welcome too!

We had a visit from our favourite Blonde - Lucy!

A little later, we met this gorgeous Choccie duo - Monty and Mo, who are 13 and 14.

Another beautiful older lady - Tessie who is nearly 13:

And a very special Lab - Taz, who despite having one less leg, was ready for play and had brought along his hoopie!

Later in the day we had a wander around and met up with Guinness, another special LRSE&C boy:

Despite the early start and busy weekend, we had a great time and it was lovely to meet up with old friends and new. A big thank you to Valerie, Stuart and Lucy for the gifts, to Margaret and Sheila for dog-sitting and to Kate, Graham and family for entertaining Wiggle and Sofy!

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Wiggle - Day 821

Today we were up bright and early to get to the Collingbourne Kingston K9 Festival. Although it was dark when we woke up, we got to the show site to lovely sunshine.

Once we found where we were meant to be we got ourselves setup:

Wiggle and Sofy were 'helping'

Despite the great venue and beautiful weather, the stall was quiet:

The view from our stall - and we weren't the only ones who were having a quiet day...

Sofy shouted while Wiggle had a little chew on Honking Duck who'd come with us (all that remains of Pink Flamingo is a leg, so they needed someone else to take out)

AS the day was so quiet we got packed up earlier than planned so made the most of the fields that were surrounding us:

Even after a hard day's meeting & greeting, Wiggle still found time to be extremely handsome:



One last chase before hometime:

Since getting home, Wiggle and Sofy have stayed awake long enough to eat their dinner and been asleep ever since.

No rest for me though as tomorrow it's the LRSE&C Dogs Party so I needed to take the stock out of the car and swap it for the information posters, boards etc that I'll need for the Information stand.

Hopefully tomorrow will be another lovely sunny day and we'll have many more visitors at the Labrador Rescue South East & Central Dogs Party - come along if you're in the area - we'll be at the Dogs Trust, Harefield, Middlesex.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Wiggle - Day 820

Sofy is a cuddlemonster .....

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Wiggle - Day 818

Tonight I came home from work and got changed, ready to go straight to the Downs. Sofy wasn't so sure though and didn't want to leave the kitchen as the usual routine is dinner time when I get home in the evening.

Wiggle went in the car but Sofy sat in the hallway, looking in the kitchen, then looking at me. She clearly had a big decision to make but eventually came out to the car. This must have been a traumatic time for Sofy as she grumbled all the way to the Downs!

Once out of the car, the grumbling stopped and it was play time, although Wiggle was a little windswept:

Sofy's on her way back with the ball:

Then Wiggle had a turn with the ball:

Somehow Sofy managed to get the ball attached to her collar.....

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Wiggle - Day 817

We managed to avoid getting completely soaked when we walked earlier, even though the field was quite wet after all the rain today. It didn't stop Wiggle and Sofy enjoying themselves though as they both ran around like loons, especially Wiggle who had definitely turned the silly switch to on!

Sofy did plenty of running around too, leaping about and running circles at high speed, tucking her back legs under and going bonkers. Wiggle would get left behind, sniffing something and then come thundering up to us to catch up, Sofy would try crashing into Wiggle and they would both run in opposite directions before turning circle and coming back to me.

No matter what my day at work has been like, what the weather is doing, there's nothing better than seeing Wiggle and Sofy running around, having fun and completely oblivious to anything else going on in the world......

Monday, 13 September 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Sofy!

Today is Sofy's 5th birthday so she and Wiggle have had a special dinner of nommy meat mixed in with their kibble.

Sofy celebrated her special day by running around like a loon in the field and since coming home, has had lots of cuddles. As I type, Sofy is next to me on the sofa, snoring loudly......

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Wiggle - Day 815

While I was tidying in the garden earlier, Wiggle spent some time being at one with nature....

Wiggle made a new friend:

A Ladybug!

For some reason, Wiggle decided that the Ladybird was the most interesting thing ever and spent ages watching it, letting it crawl over his foot and then carry on to where ever it was going...