Sunday, 24 November 2019


If you need to cover your baldy bits to keep warm, why not keep warm and be a dinosaur!

At the National Pet Show we met a lovely lady who makes fabulous dog coats so she measured Ziggy and his new fleece coat fits him beautifully.  He wore it to Dobbies yesterday:

And today when we went for brunch with his choccie friend DeeDee and her mum

Sunday, 17 November 2019

Ziggy's week

This week Ziggy was at the vets as his ears have been bothering him again and he's been scratching, which is not good.  He has his ears cleaned when he has his bath, which is 3 times a week, but he's been itchy so we went to see the vet.

Unfortunately our lovely dermatology vet, Bridget, retired so there's a bit of a blip in getting to know who will be looking after Ziggy and his skin problems but we're hoping for a result soon from samples taken from his ears so we can start treatment.

Yesterday we got some tidying done in the garden, although Ziggy doesn't really do much to help but he does keep me company.  As it wasn't the warmest of days, he wore one of his jumpers:

Today the weather was sort of chilly and dreary so it was another jumper.  All nice and clean, as we left home:

Ziggy wanted to go nearer the water but being cold, I didn't let him

We carried on with our walk

We saw a few other dog walkers and Ziggy did get a few comments, mostly along the lines of "that's very pink" but he didn't care

Ziggy is looking deceptively clean as he had been splashing around in this puddle: 

By the time we got home we were both wet and muddy but Sunday is a bath day for the Ziggster so he's all clean now.

Sunday, 10 November 2019

Catching up...

Ziggy and I have been keeping ourselves busy, with this and that, work, walks and life.  Last weekend we went up to the NEC to spend some time at the National Pet Show with LRSE&C.

Ziggy was meeting and greeting, enjoying all the fuss

Handsome  Eddie:

Benson enjoying a Kong break:

Ziggy was an absolute star with a special boy he met who has Tourette's and ADHD.  They spent ages together, Ziggy laying calmly while his new friend chatted to him, feeling his fur and his bald bits, in their own little world while everything else was going on:

Closer to home we've had walks in the rain:

And sunshine on the Downs:

A visit to North Cerney Gardens:

Helping out on the phones at work:

Hanging out with Lilly:

We'll  try harder to keep up and post more often!