Sunday, 6 October 2019

Town and Country

Yesterday Ziggy joined Grandyma and I for a lovely lunch in Cirencester with my aunt who was visiting for the day.  He was happy and excited to see her again and she told him he was looking great.

The Fleece in Cirencester is really dog friendly and as soon as we were seated they fetched Ziggy a water bowl and he got plenty of fuss.  

After being a Lunching Labbie we did a little shopping in the antiques market which is also dog friendly altough I did worry that he might break things with a wag of his tail!

Today we had a lovely walk in the fields by the river.  Ziggy wanted to get in the water

He likes to paddle but doesn't swim

We ended up with a beautiful autumn afternoon

And now, having had his bath, Ziggy is sleeping contentedly, dreaming his dreams.