Sunday, 28 July 2019

Another busy weekend for Ziggy

After the hot weather last week we were glad of a cooler weekend as Ziggy had plans, Big Plans!

Yesterday we went to Moreton in Marsh to meet up with one of our lovely long term friends and supporters, Helen, after she got in touch when she had seen the photo of Ziggy outside the pet shop the last time we were there. We had a lovely catch up over coffee and Ziggy was a Very Good Boy.

At lunchtime we met up with Ziggy's Twitter crush, Poppy and her dad in Bourton on the Water.  Poppy is so sweet and Ziggy is vey smitten!

They had fun splashing around in the river

They bonded over fish & chip lunch then drinks in a pub and a stroll back to the car with more splashing in the river.  Poppy is so pretty and petite, no wonder Ziggy is in love!

After such excitement yesterday, Zggy spent the entire evening sleeping and today had recharged enough for a walk in town by the river

Solo splashing:


This week Ziggy celebrates his 8th birthday on the 1st August and then at the weekend Grandyma is coming to stay as well as a little choccie houseguest, DeeDee so more fun in store for Ziggy.

Sunday, 21 July 2019

Lunching, shopping and swamp paddling

Ziggy has had another fun weekend, seeing his Grandyma and visiting his favourite garden centre, Dobbies in Cirencester for some lunch and to look at the plants.  We love the dog friendly restaurant and Ziggy always gets fussed by the staff

As well as looking at plants, Ziggy likes to browse the dog section:

And also the produce section:

Today was another warm one so we walked along the old railway track, making the most of the shade from the tree's.  Ziggy was his usual happy self:

We hadn't been this way for a while so there were plenty of interesting smells to check out:

Ziggy found himself a muddy, swampy pond and went in for a paddle:

Back on the track:

Soon we reached what we now call Sofy's Stile.  Ziggy used the wire dog flap:

And this is why we call it Sofy's Stile:

We stopped for a little rest, enjoying the peace and quiet and thinking happy memories:

Last weekend I had bought Ziggy a collapsible water bowl so we were both able to have a drink:

Rest over, we headed back:

Ziggy has VERY exciting plans for next weekend so check back next Sunday!

Sunday, 14 July 2019

Happy, Smiley Ziggy

It's been another good week for The Baldy One.  The 3 times a week bath routine and his medication are stopping his allergic reactions to the grasses which we cannot avoid and he is his usual, happy, smiley self

We saw our lovely friend Deedee and her mum Janet.  Deedee is so sweet and dinky, Ziggy loves her and she was one of Sofy's best friends.

Deedee is coming to stay for a weekend next month when her mum goes away for a wedding

Yesterday we went to the Cotswold Show in Cirencester Park.  Ziggy was being on his best behaviour when we arrived at the show.

We watched the Southern Golden Retriever Display Team who were so good and well behaved!

I was hoping Ziggy was watching and learning but somehow I doubt it!

After looking at all the different stalls and displays, we all had an ice cream

Today Ziggy spent a lot of time trying to catch up on sleep he missed out on yesterday but by this evening he had perked up enough for a walk up at Maud Heath 

Sitting on the old stone bench, in the shade, enjoying the breeze coming up the hill


Sunday, 7 July 2019

We've got a lot of catching up to do!

Ziggy has had a busy few weeks, highlight being a trip to Scotland.  We set off early with our bags packed, plus a toy or two for Ziggy:

We picked up Grandyma and headed north and after a couple of rest stops, reached our destination - Perth.  We had a quick wander around, stopping in a lovely dog friendly coffee shop alled the Rose House and then had a nice meal in a restaurant called The Maltings where the staff and many of the customers made a big fuss of Ziggy.

The next day, we were off to Paws at the Palace, a doggy day out at Scone Palace.

We had a very special reason for being there - to meet one of our most lovely Twitter friends, Dexter and his mum and dad.  Dexter is a super handsome 6 year old rescue and even more fabbie in real life.  The two boys were friends straight away, sharing their love of snacks.

Dexter is a gorgeous boy; chocolatey goodness with 4 paws!

We were lucky enough to see Dexy and his parents a couple of days later so after we were done at the Palace, we stopped for lunch at another dog friendly place which we'd been recommended.  Ziggy likes being a Labbie Who Lunches.

After lunch we drove up to Pitlochry and visited the Dam but the weather wasn't so good but we still had a wander and enjoyed the views.

After breakfast the next day, we left our hotel in Perth and headed south, stopping off at Loch Leven on the way.  It was a nice chance to enjoy the outdoors and let Ziggy have a run off lead.

We were staying in Dunfermline but carried on to South Queensferry and had a wander around, stopping for lunch at the Rail Bridge restaurant which is right next to the famous Forth Bridge.

South Queensferry has lots of interesting little shops and after some shopping we made the most of the good weather and had a stop for ice cream.

Ziggy was happy with the hotel, making use of the sofa.

On Tuesday we took the park and ride into Edinburgh.

Once we were in the city, we did some more shopping, had coffee and then decided the best way to see the sights was an open top tour bus.

On the way back to the car, Ziggy decided he was going to travel like the humans and spent the entire journey on the seat next to me.

On our way home, we stopped at Gretna.

Ziggy and his Grandyma

Once we were home, we have made the most of the lovely weather and having the rest of the week off so Ziggy has come to brunch with me in town:

And been splashing in the river:

At the end of the week we were at the garden centre, admiring the pretty floofs before some lunch:

Today we were out early and after some overnight rain, it was not as hot so we went up to the Downs:

A splattering of slobber:

Thankfully, with his medication and continued regular baths, Ziggy can go through the grass with no allergic reaction:

Heading back to the car:

While we were away, Ziggy was a total star, taking in all the different new places and people.  We stayed at Holiday Inn's where he was made very welcome and Ziggy now has a stuffed Nessie toy, a Highland Cow and a Scottish Sheep toy as reminders of his little holiday.