Monday, 29 September 2008

Wiggle - Day 105

After all his activities at the weekend, Wiggle has been taking things easy this morning. After a lie in and then breakfast, he's been laying in the sunny spot....

We've been over to the vets in Melksham to get some more of his Atopica and while I was there, I popped Wiggle onto the scales. He's weighed in at 32.4kgs today, which is great news and just about right for his build. I knew he had filled out some more but after being so skinny when he arrived, its good that he's now reached a healthy weight. Wiggle eats well still but gets plenty of exercise too, so all being well he can now maintain that weight.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Wiggle - Day 104 - Birthday Weekend

As I posted earlier, today is Wiggle's birthday. He's had a very busy weekend of walking and swimming and munching on birthday pigs ears and playing with his new toy, a squeaky bear.

We went to the Neigh Bridge lake at the Cotswold Water Park which is smaller than the Keynes Park lake and had many more fishermen!! Wiggle thought there might be some picnic baskets to share but thankfully he was distracted by his tennis ball.

Sir H had a bit of a shock when he got in the lake and promptly sank head first. He surfaced quickly though and with help, was back on dry land. After that he was unsure of going in the water but eventually got the courage to go back in.

Wiggle spent ages and ages chasing after his ball, in and out of the water and then he and Sir H did a spot of synchronised swimming!

After lunch at the pub (for humans, not hounds) we stopped at Maude Heath for more running and in Sir H's case, a lie down.

Today the boys have had another lovely walk, this time on the Marlborough Downs. No water this time but plenty of ball fetching for Wiggle and interesting smells for Sir H to sniff.

All the excitement has worn both boys out - Wiggle is alseep on his bed with his new bear and Sir H is crashed out on the sofa....

Wiggle's Birthday Weekend - Photo's

Happy Birthday Wiggle !

Today is Wiggle's 6th Birthday!

I'll be back later and post a proper entry for this special day, but for now, here's a photo of his handsome self taken yesterday..

Friday, 26 September 2008

CharlieFlood's Pennine Walk

One of Wiggle's long distance friends at LRSE&C is going to be going on a walk. A very long walk! He and his mum are going to walk the 270 Pennine Way to raise funds for LRSE&C.

If you'd like to sponsor Charlie and his mum, they have a Just Giving page:

Wiggle - Day 101

I've been working nights so Wiggle has been having a quiet couple of days. Apart from barking for no apparent reason, that is. I think Wiggle really wanted to get me up so he could show me how much he likes the new rug in the living room after he decided its a good place to lay and play with a tennis ball.

And he also thinks its good for lying on and looking handsome...

The weather here in Wiltshire is set to be good for the weekend so Wiggle will be out and about enjoying himself. He probably doesn't realise, but on Sunday it is his 6th birthday so Wiggle has a special day to look forward to.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Wiggle - Day 100 !!

Wiggle has been here for a whole 100 days!!!

As this feels like a milestone, I thought it would be good to look back and see how much he has gone through and changed in this time.

From the skinny, baldy, sad dog who arrived here on the 20th June:

Wiggle has enjoyed the home comforts of a nice squishy bed...

He's had fun running around, exploring the local countryside

Wiggle started swimming, even if his initial style was a little odd...

Gone for walks with new friends

Endured regular baths to heal his skin

Gained an older brother

Shredded lots of tennis balls....

Perfected the art of looking handsome:

Played with bubbles

Had skin testing to diagnose his allergies

Become part of a family, although sadly he had to say goodbye to Dolly far too soon

Got his own business cards

Learnt to swim properly!

Played with Bran, the flying puppy

Spent many happy hours fetching a ball

Suffered the indignity of wearing a dressing gown

And become the handsome, hairy, happy boy....

... who was named LRSE&C's Dog of the Year 2008

Thank you to everyone at LRSE&C who gave this boy a chance and to everyone who has supported him.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Wiggle - Day 99

Wiggle has had his bath today but despite baths being a regular occurance, he still stands looking very woeful and sad. He did give in to me talking in a silly way and gave me a kiss, but he likes me to know he's not impressed with being in the bath.

He was soon happy again when we went for our post bath walk and he chased his tennis ball. We met my neighbour who looks after the dogs when I'm at work so he played with her dog too. Sir H even had a little bounce and actually caught the tennis ball. Mind you, he was only standing a couple of feet away from me. He was rather confused though as to what he should do with the ball and bounced around a few times before dropping the ball.

Wiggle is worn out now and will probably be glad that I'm working tonight so he will get some peace and quiet.

I've been going through photo's from the day Wiggle arrived so come back tomorrow when there will be a special blog entry looking back on Wiggle's first 100 days here.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Wiggle - Day 98

I can't believe Wiggle has been here for nearly 100 days! The time really does seem to have flown past and this blog has now had over 7,000 page views, which is amazing really.

I know that some of Wiggle's blog readers are also sponsoring him via the LRSE&C Sponsor A Dog scheme, so a big thank you to everyone who has helped towards his veterinary care. Your very kind donations have helped him go from this:

To this:

If you'd like to sponsor Wiggle, or any of the other dogs in the care of LRSE&C, details of how to help can be found on the website:

Monday, 22 September 2008

Wiggle - Day 97

We're home after a lovely weekend away. The boys did lots of running around and snoozing in between. Both Wiggle and Sir H went for a swim but Wiggle managed to be manky and found some fox poo to roll in. Thankfully after some more swimming Wiggle was less pungent.

Sir H did more pottering than running although Wiggle tired himself out and ended up laying down in a shady spot to cool down.

The boys came to the pub for lunch with us but had to make do with drooling over our food but some children came up and asked to make a fuss of Wiggle so he didn't miss out on attention.