Thursday, 31 July 2014

Wiggle - Day 2,228

As we'd had such a nice walk in Richmond at the weekend, we headed over there again yesterday.

Sofy and Haggis were happily running around:

Wiggle prefers the tall grass:

While Sofy likes to stay close, just in case any treats are coming her way:

But before too long, everyone had made their way to the river:

Quick run in the sun:

Ball games:

Wiggle just wanted his ball:

Sofy was pleased to find a bench:

Haggis was just happy with a stick:

Getting wet again:

Wiggle takes his time to find the easiest way into the water. Clever Wiggle!

All 4 enjoying the cool water on a warm day:

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Wiggle - Day 2,227

Yesterday morning we walked closer to home, on the Common.  

Then later in the day, Haggis and I took a trip into town - his first on the London Undergound.  We stopped for some lunch in Covent Garden:

Haggis was keeping hydrated, drinking my water:

After a wander around, we went back on the Underground.  Haggis didn't seem bothered by the new and strange environment: 

This morning, Wiggle and I had some time together, going for breakfast at the Breakfast Club in Battersea.  Wiggle was happy to lay down and watch the world go by:

Before long, my breakfast arrived - pancakes with bacon and maple syrup!

Of course Wiggle knew that it was too much for me and was a very willing helper, sharing pancakes and bacon:

Monday, 28 July 2014

Wiggle - Day 2,225

This afternoon, Wiggle and I went out for a while, for coffee at the superbly names Black Lab Coffee House in Clapham:

While I enjoyed a very good latte, Wiggle was hoping for treats:

But after a while, he was happy just to hang out with me, watching the world go by:

Back at the house, he took up his position with Sofy for their Neighbourhood Watch shift:

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Wiggle - Day 2,224

This weekend, our walks have mostly involved water.

And mud!  Yesterday we met up with our friend Dougal The Lab and his humans at Wimbledon.  Dougal likes muddy puddles so wanted to show us his:

There was lots of muddy fun:

And today, we were up an out nice and early to go to Richmond Park for our walk.  Wiggle was running with his ball:

While Sofy had wasted no time to get in the river:

Water babies:

Sofy thought she had super powers, flying up from the water:

Wiggle also got his paws wet, after wisely choosing a more gentle slope of the riverbank to get to the water: 

Running on dry land:

Cato and Haggis, playing chase:

Back in the water:

And back out again!

A dragonfly:

All four:

Haggis photobombed Sofy:

Wiggle and his tennis ball, looking for a way down to the water:

On a warm day, the river was the best place to be:

Last run around before time to head back to the car:

Friday, 25 July 2014

Wiggle - Day 2,222

We're in London, house sitting while Paul and Mindy are on holiday.  We arrived yesterday evening and after everyone getting up early for the holiday makers departure at 5.45am, we went over to Morden Hall Park for a walk.

Everyone was enjoying park:



Haggis (aka Puppy Monster):

Wiggle was too busy to sit for a photo:

Haggis has been working on his recall:

Cato managed to find some mud:

Sofy and Wiggle, in a typical pose:

Haggis is growing fast - and still only four and a half months old!

We sat for a while in the shade of a big Horse Chestnut tree:

Puppy Monster was the only one not resting:

Wiggle leads the way back to the car while the others were busy sniffing: