Sunday, 30 December 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,652

This weekend we've mostly had horrid, rainy weather which has been miserable, so Wiggle and Sofy have been entertaining themselves indoors.

Wearing their fleecey jumpers to dry off, yesterday they were chewing on their Nylabone gifts from Wiggle's LucytheLab.  Wiggle liked his bacon flavour bone!

Sofy was slightly upset that she was sent a minty bone.  She was probably thinking: "Did you tell Lucy and her mom that I have stinky breath?"

After a while though, she decided chewing was good:

Wiggle also chewed the minty bone, although his breath is a lot sweeter than Sofy's!

Today we've had more rain, but Wiggle and Sofy didn't get bored, playing with their soft toys:

Wiggle and Sofy couldn't decide which toy was best, so chewed them all:

Sofy with one of their Christmas toys:

The sneaky bugs sustained most of the injuries:

Wiggle chews an ear from one of the bugs: 

Then the other bug suffered the same fate:

The results of all that chewing!

Friday, 28 December 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,650

We're home again now but before we left London yesterday we went for one last rainy walk in Wimbledon. Wiggle was wearing his borrowed fleecey jumper, soaking up lots of the puddle water in the fleece rather than on his tummy:

Since getting home, Wiggle and Sofy have been catching up on their rest - clearly it was a tiring few days!

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,648

We've all had a lovely Christmas.  Wiggle went to sleep early on Christmas Eve, using Beenz as a pillow:
Then yesterday, there were presents to open!

Wiggle was very excited to open his gift from Lucy:

A new Nylabone chewy!  Wiggle says Thank You

All four dogs had lots of Christmas food with their dinner and having had a good run in the morning, they were all very sleepy by the afternoon!

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas From Wiggle!

Wiggle would like to wish all his friends, sponsors and followers a very Merry Christmas.
Thank you to everyone who has supported Wiggle and LRSE&C throughout the year.  We hope you all enjoy the holidays and continue to keep up with Wiggle and his adventures throughout the coming year.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,646

Happy Christmas Eve!
We had a lovely walk earlier at Wimbledon and after all the dogs got so muddy yesterday, they all wore fleecey sweaters to keep them a bit cleaner.
Wiggle was running around, a vision in red:
Somehow he also got very slobbery!

All four, wrapped up in jumpers:

Toby was paddling through the puddle:

Beenz was also enjoying getting his paws wet:

Wiggle was also splashing around:

Sofy found a stick to chew:

And then it was time for running around, playing chasey games:

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,645

There's been a lot of rain over the last few days so this morning, we had rather a muddy walk on the common.  While running around, chasing the ball, Wiggle got a muddy face:
Wiggle and Toby were sitting waiting for the ball:

Group photo:

Beenz was pootling about at his own pace:

This afternoon, Wiggle was taking care of Neighbourhood Watch:

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,644

Thank you to everyone who bid on Wiggle's fundraising calendar - the total raised was £127 which is brilliant and we are very pleased and honoured to raise such a fabbie amount for LRSE&C.
We are now in London where we will be for the holidays.  We arrived yesterday evening and Wiggle decided that he should guard the gifts under the tree:
Sofy preferred the 'human' seating options, choosing the kitchen bench:

While Toby has been snuggling with me on the sofa:

(Beenz is downstairs and didn't want to be woken for a photo!).
We had a rainy walk in Richmond Park earlier and all the dogs are quite sleepy now but will most likely be more awake when we have supper in a moment....

Friday, 21 December 2012

Last Few Hours To Bid !

The mini-auction for Wiggle's 2013 calendar ends at midnight tonight.  Thank you so much to everyone who has bid so far - all money raised will go to Labrador Rescue South East & Central.  They have taken care of Wiggle's medical needs since he arrived here in June 2008 so we are very excited that we have had some fabbie bids for Wiggle's calendar.

Bidding ends at midnight (GMT) tonight.
Thank you!

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Time's Running Out to Bid on Wiggle's Calendar!

There's still time to bid on Wiggle's fabbie calendar, raising funds for LRSE&C:

We had a new bid today, so currently the bids are as follows:

£40 - Fernando
£31 - Louisa
£25 - Ven
£20 – Jenny
£20 – Jacky
£10 – Christine

There are only 3 of these calendars available, raising funds for Labrador Rescue South East & Central.

Bidding closes midnight (GMT) Friday 21st December 2012.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,638

After all our weekday walks being on-lead, Wiggle and Sofy were very happy to get up on the Downs this afternoon:

Sofy went a little bonkers, doing a wide circle of bum-tuck running, then running flat out back to me:

While Wiggle enjoyed all the space, running off towards the afternoon sun:

Both Wiggle and Sofy had run, playing ball games:

Once Wiggle had the ball back, he ran off with it!

But before long he was back, having dropped the ball for me to throw again:

Wiggle was in a sharing mood and let Sofy get the ball:

But Sofy was so excited, she forgot that she was meant to bring the ball back and dropped it!

Wiggle was ready for the ball to be thrown again, tail all blurry from wagging:

But then we came across a puddle:

Wiggle was still carrying the ball, dipping it under the muddy water:

A little soggy, but happy!