Sunday, 31 July 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,137

Our day started off quite warm so first thing we walked around to the shop to get the newspaper and then Wiggle and Sofy lounged around while I got on with the housework. After we'd spent some time in the garden, with me doing the tidying up and Wiggle and Sofy keeping me company, they decided to come inside for more lounging around!

Wiggle was partly on and partly off his bed:

While Sofy was pretending to take an interest in current affairs and lay on the newspaper!

Much to his surprise, Wiggle had a bath earlier! He'd been lounging but followed me upstairs and into the bathroom, without realising that I'd planned to give him a Malaseb bath.

Once his 'torture' was over, we went out across to the field and Wiggle was looking much happier than he had when he was in the bath:

Synchronised sniffing:

Sitting, waiting for a treat:

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,136

I'm very pleased to report that both Wiggle and Sofy seem to be recovered from their stomach bug and we've had a clean 24 hours! Just to be on the safe side, they're finishing off the chicken and rice, with some kibble mixed in, but they are both feeling much, much better.

This morning, we all had cuddles in my bed, with Sofy laying on her back, batting me with her paws while Wiggle was being calmer and cuddlier.

We've had a nice morning here and I needed to get a few things, so we walked down into the town. We stopped at the river and Sofy was first to get her paws wet:

Soon enough, Wiggle was in too, feeling the cool water on his paws:

Sofy was watching the ducks:

But the ducks had seen Sofy and decided to go the other way!

Wiggle was looking slightly disappointed that the water wasn't deep enough for swimming:

Back on the footpath, their trail of wet pawprints:

Once I'd been in the shops I'd needed to, it was time to walk back home, stopping on the way for a quick photo in front of some of the older buildings:

Friday, 29 July 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,135

After our walk this evening, Wiggle and Sofy have been relaxing. Wiggle in his bed, stretched out...
Sleepy boy:

Sofy was poorly in the night again, but fingers and paws crossed, she seems to be over the worst of the tummy bug now, although that didn't stop her looking a little sorry for herself!

Then Sofy forgot she was looking woeful and lay like this!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,134

Thankfully Wiggle is over his tummy upset and has been back to his normal happy self. Not such a good day for Sofy though. Look at the sad face:

Seems it was a bug that Wiggle had as Sofy, who normally can eat anything (including decaying, vile things she shouldn't eat!), has also had a poorly tummy. After waking me up first thing this morning, Sofy was suffering the same symptoms as Wiggle had had. Once again, I'd put newspaper down on the floor when I went to work and poor Sofy had to make use of it. So she is now on chicken and rice, and feeling a little sorry for herself.....

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,133

Wiggle has been feeling much better and this morning, much to my delight, produced a firm poo! As any dog owner will know, when you've had a dog with a poorly tummy, you're very pleased when a nice, firm poop is produced!

After meeting up with another dogwalker earlier, it might well be that Wiggle caught a bug as two of his Labrador's had been suffering with bad tummies too but they were back to normal again after a couple of days.

I don't think Wiggle has minded having the chicken and rice though and after having some kibble added in to his dinner, will soon be back to normal food again.

Now, Wiggle is curled up in his bed, sleeping and dreaming.....

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,132

Wiggle was clean overnight but was still a bit poorly when we walked this morning. He's been having plain meals of chicken and rice, just to give his tummy a chance to settle down.

Despite being under the weather, Wiggle is still being his handsome self:

In the field this evening, Sofy met a Lurcher and did lots of BIG running, chasing and being chased. They both ran round and round, although Sofy was never going to win so she tried to cut in front of her new pal, but being a woosy Lurcher, he squealed! Thankfully no one was hurt in the collision.

Wiggle was staying on lead, just to make sure he didn't get the chance to eat anything else to upset his tummy....

Monday, 25 July 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,131

Wiggle is feeling sorry for himself - he's been poorly today.

I woke up this morning to hear him pacing downstairs, but by the time I woke enough to realise that Wiggle needed to go out, it was too late. Poor Wiggle! He looked so unhappy that he'd not been able to go outside as he's always clean indoors.

After our walk, Wiggle and Sofy lay out in the sunshine.....

But poor Wiggle wasn't looking so happy:

After the dogwalker had been in, Wiggle had had a poorly tummy again so this evening, his supper was plain rice and chicken. He's been getting lots fo cuddles and hopefully it was just something he ate that he shouldn't have....

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,130

Wiggle and Sofy have started their day with a walk to the shop and then some chewing time after breakfast:

Sofy gives the Nylabone her complete concentration:

Wiggle was also happily chewing:

Sunny walk in the field:

Sofy pulls a cheeky face, running back to me!

And completely unrelated to Wiggle and Sofy but just because I like them, butterfly visitors in our garden:

Friday, 22 July 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,128

Wiggle and Sofy have had a special treat tonight - cheeseburger and fries!!

Wiggle's lovely girlfriend, LucytheLab has had a cheeseburger and fries on special occassions and I promised Wiggle that one day, he could too. In the interest of safety, Wiggle and Sofy ate separately, ladies first:

Although at the speed Sofy was eating, she's clearly got no table manners!

Wiggle was patiently waiting for his treat:

Like Sofy, Wiggle went for cheeseburger before fries!

Sofy, trying to look sad, as if she'd only been presented with an empty plate:

While Wiggle waited outside, food all gone, ready to come in...

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,127

Wiggle is in a particularly cuddly mood this evening......

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,126

After a very early start this morning, out for our walk before it was even light, we've had a sunny walk this evening although therre were some very dark clouds!

Very dark skies!

Sofy didn't care and just enjoyed running:

Sofy then watches for Wiggle - just a black blog in the distance (top left of the photo):

Sofy tries to crash into Wiggle as he runs back to us:

Silly ears!

Enjoying the sunshine:

Sofy looked a bit confused, sensing someone was missing - that would be Wiggle did his own thing...

Wiggle catches us up eventually while Sofy takes the opportunit to sit and rest: