Monday, 31 January 2011

Wiggle - Day 956

Wiggle is not wasting away, despite what he might say after no breakfast this morning. He was busy outside having a wee first thing while Sofy had her breakfast, so when he came in, he just looked a little baffled that there was no food but Sofy wasn't dancing around!

We went to our vets appointment but had to wait a while. Wiggle made the most of the time by having lots of cuddles and meetimg the other dogs in the waiting room. After being checked over, the vet took Wiggle away to have his blood taken. We won't hear from the vets now, unless there are any problems with the test but the vet did say that Wiggle was looking very good.

After this morning's trauma, we went over to Lacock for a wander around the village:

Wiggle and Sofy look small inside the Tithe Barn!

Old buildings in the centre of the village:

Rest stop:

We walked on through the village, until we came to the ford:

Sofy was looking extra cute, peeking out from behind Wiggle:

Wiggle was first in the water:

Then Sofy was in, but she didn't stop long, maybe the water was too cold?!

Wiggle, enjoys getting his feed wet and taking in the view:

We had planned to stop for coffee but no where was open where I could take the dogs and all the outdoor cafe's were shut. So, I stopped at the bakery in the village and got a sossije roll for Wiggle and Sofy to share.

Sofy is quickest - in mere nano-seconds her snack is just crumbs!

Wiggle was making up for the lack of breakfast:

Always keen to be a help around the house, Wiggle and Sofy clean up all the crumbs:

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Wiggle - Day 955

We've had a sunny day in our part of the world, which has made a nice change. After walking round to the shop to get a paper, Wiggle and Sofy each found a sunny spot:

Wiggle wanted to be outside but it was too cold to leave the door open!

Tomorrow Wiggle is going to the vets to have his bloods tested - he has to have it done still every so often as he is still on the Atopica. Unfortunately for Wiggle it will mean no breakfast!! I've got the day off though and have made plans for a nice walk so I'm sure there will be a chance to stop somewhere and Wiggle can have a tasty snack to make up for the lack of food in the morning....

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Wiggle - Day 954

I needed to go into work this morning for an hour or so, then to get dog food, so Wiggle and Sofy came too. After getting my errands done, we stopped at Maude Heath:

Ready to run for the ball:


Once we were home, Wiggle was pleased to see a new bag of food:

Sitting nicely for a tasty sossije treat!

Its bitterly cold here so Wiggle and Sofy are planning on staying in the warm, no doubt napping and dreaming of food....

Friday, 28 January 2011

Wiggle - Day 953

We've all had a nice, relaxing day. After I'd been out to see my parents this morning, Wiggle and Sofy spent some quality time watching me eat my lunch:

The Sofy Stare:

Watching food can be tiring, as shown by Sofy, who flopped:

Wiggle took himself off to bed for a little nap:

This afternoon we went up to the Downs for some playtime, making the most of a lovely, sunny day:

Wiggle, ahead as usual!

And showing off his acrobatic skills to get the ball:

A quick game of tuggy and Sofy got the ball:

Wiggle, ready to run:

Sofy, thinking about running:

A throw of the ball and both Wiggle and Sofy were running again:

Wiggle won!

Sofy's stare:

More waiting, poised and ready to run:

No matter who gets the ball, Wiggle and Sofy run back together:

Quick rest:

But only a short rest, especially as far as Wiggle is concerned!

Side by side, two happy Labs:

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Wiggle - Day 952

Not a lot to report from Wiggle's world today. I've been off work so we didn't have to rush around this morning and then I went out and about! Unfortunately for Wiggle and Sofy they stayed here as I went to see a friend and then get my hair done.

I've got a long weekend now so tomorrow we'll do something fun so Wiggle and Sofy will have a bit more news than today...

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Wiggle - Day 951

This evening, once dinner and our walk was done, Wiggle was being a gentleman and took to his bed, leaving the sofa for Sofy. Wiggle does like this bed though and likes to look handsome and almost regal....

Sofy was happy to be on the sofa, looking all sleepy:

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Wiggle - Day 950

Wiggle and Sofy have been taking turns.......... Taking turns for the 'best' spot on the sofa!

For some reason, the end of the sofa is THE best place. I don't think either of them have been on one of the dog beds at the same time, its always one on the sofa and one on a dog bed.

Tonight, Sofy was first:

Then after their supper, Wiggle took his turn:

And when I was making myself a coffee, Sofy took my place!

As I type, Wiggle is in the dog bed again and Sofy on the sofa, snoring. Happy, contented, sofa-sharing Labs.....

Monday, 24 January 2011

Wiggle - Day 949

Back to our nomal weekly routine today. After a day of lounging around, Wiggle and Sofy had their dinner and then Wiggle did some Woogling. If you don't know, Woogling mostly involves rolling around on the floor, kicking legs in the air and in Wiggle's case, it also means making lots of "schnoooofing" noises!

Wiggle also takes this opportunity to rub his face all over the rug, as shown here:

Sofy watches:

After Woogling, its standard procedure to jump up and have a good shake!

Sofy is not impressed......

After Woogling, get comfy and have a little rest until its time for the evening walk......