Sunday, 28 December 2014

Wiggle - Day 2,378

Wiggle and Sofy have enjoyed the Christmas break.  We started the holidays with a chilly Christmas Eve walk, up on the Downs:

Wiggle was doing his own thing, wandering along, carrying his ball:

All three of us:

Wiggle, running to the sun:

Happy boy:

Sofy didn't mind the cold afternoon - not when it was so sunny:

Chilly, but sunny:

Christmas Day meant presents and roast turkey dinner leftovers for Wiggle and Sofy so by Boxing Day we were all looking forward to getting out for some more off-lead time.

We went up to Maud Heath which is always full of interesting smells:

Sofy was trying to tell me that she needed a treat:

Wiggle, meanwhile, was once again doing his own thing:

Sofy was happy when she found a muddy puddle:

Wiggle had his ball, as usual:

Enjoying the view:

Wiggle has always liked to be at the front of our walk, so now he is slowing down, I hang back to let him think he's got to wait for me:

Even though he didn't do much running, Wiggle still had a good time:

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

We wish all of Wiggle's followers and supporters a Very Merry Christmas and look forward to sharing more of Wiggle in 2015.

Wiggle, Wendy & Sofy xx

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Wiggle's Fundraising Calendar Auction - Update!

Thank you for the bids so far to win one of the three Wiggle 2015 calendars.  I realised we hadn't left much time for bidding so we've extended the deadline to midnight on Christmas Eve.

All of the money raised goes to helping Labrador's just like Wiggle who are in the care of LRSE&C, so please bid generously and good luck!

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Wiggle's Official 2015 Fundraising Calendar

There are only 3 of these fabbie calendars up for grabs - to raise funds for Wiggle's charity, Labrador Rescue South East & Central.

For next year's calendar, I have chosen photo's from Wiggle's first 18 months here, celebrating how the previously sad, bald and skinny boy transformed into the happy, fun loving dog we know today.

The calendars are offered on an auction basis, to the three highest bidders.

To be in with a chance of purchasing a whole year of Wiggle while also helping a wonderful charity, email your best offer bid to

The 3 highest bids at midnight (GMT) on Sunday 21st December 2014 will receive the calendars.

Postage & packaging, to any location in the UK or Worldwide will be paid by me. Once the winners have been notified, electronic payment is preferred, directly to LRSE&C's Just Giving account, details of which will be provided.

Good luck and please bid generously!

Monday, 15 December 2014

Wiggle - Day 2,365

Last week Wiggle had a vets appointment for a review of his medication and discuss options moving forward.  He was, as always, happy to be there and looking out for Malcolm, our vet:

I had been concerned that Wiggle was having trouble with his sight and after a thorough examination, Malcolm confirmed that Wiggle does seem to have some retinal detachment in his left eye and the vision in his right eye isn't perfect either.  It's more noticeable when he is off-lead which is probably due to him walking on my right so having me close to his left side.

There's nothing that can be done, except to monitor him and for me to be mindful of how his life might change if his sight continues to deteriorate but having shared my home with Bumpy Jake who was completely blind, it's something that we will cope with.

As far as Wiggle's mobility problems, we came to the conclusion that he has muscle wastage in his hind legs and rather than being in pain, is more unsteady.  To help him try and build up some muscle, we are going to start hydrotherapy in the new year so went along to a centre at the weekend to view the facilities and meet the staff.

We got to watch another 12 year old Lab while he had his session and chat to his owner which was reassuring so we are hopeful that the sessions will help Wiggle.

In other news, the annual Wiggle fundraising calendar is on its way!

More details to follow very soon!

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Wiggle - Day 2,357

Wiggle and Sofy have spent time today supervising the decoration of our Christmas tree:

I'm not sure if Wiggle was impressed or not....

Sofy just wanted to be in the photo too:

I'm sure she would have liked the tree more if it were edible!

After previous kidnapping attempts,  this little chap is high up where Wiggle can't reach him!

By the time we went for our evening walk, it was chilly out so Wiggle wore his blue fleece to keep warm and likes it so much, he is still wearing it!

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Wiggle - Day 2,350

After a misty start to our day, this afternoon we got our walk in before the sun was setting.

Wiggle did plenty of sniffing:

And pottered about off-lead:

Sofy was on her best behaviour, sitting nicely in case there were any treats coming her way:

Stopping at the bench:

This evening Wiggle and Sofy were very helpful, testing the Gingerbread Men that I made.  They didn't complain!

Now though, time to relax:

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

For a while now I have been noticing that Wiggle is showing his age and slowing down.  Although this time of year gives us less opportunities for long walks without getting cold, wet or both, Wiggle has been less active.

He has more grey on his face and paws and his eyes are starting to get cloudy and his joints are more stiff but despite old age, Wiggle still loves his cuddles and playing with his toys and enjoys coming to work with me every fortnight to then do our Pets As Therapy visits in the evening.

I am truly thankful for the time Wiggle has been with me, for all the fun things we've done together and the friends we have made.  He still loves to curl up on the sofa with me and shows his cheeky side, giving me a questioning look if he thinks he is due a treat.

Of course I'm hoping that Wiggle is here with me for a long time yet as he is such a special, affectionate, easy going boy and I love him more than words can say but for now, I'm thankful for each and every day with Wiggle.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Wiggle - Day 2,336

Unintentionally, its been a while since we blogged.  I've been busy with work stuff and Wiggle has been slowing down a fair bit.

He still enjoys coming to work with me every other Wednesday when we do our PAT visit in the evening.

While in the office, Wiggle likes to lay close to me:

From next to my desk he can watch what Lilly is up to:

Wiggle has a blanket for resting so Lilly likes to come and sit with us:

And on a chilly day, Wiggle enjoys warming up next to the FireWIN in Reception:

Wiggle hasn't been as bouncy on our walks so gets more time offlead:

Apparently there are interesting smells in the fallen leaves! 

Friday, 31 October 2014

Wiggle - Day 2,320

Happy Halloween from Wiggle:

And Sofy too!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Wiggle - Day 2,318

Now that the clocks have changed, our evening walks are in the dark.  

We don't mind though as we have Puplights!

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Wiggle - Day 2,315

We've had a quiet weekend as I've not been feeling so good, but we still managed to get to the field for some walks.  Wiggle likes being in the field:

Despite not feeling like it, there was work for me to do in the garden.  Wiggle and Sofy kept me company:

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Wiggle - Day 2,311

Today Wiggle came to work with me.

We had arranged to do a Pets as Therapy visit after work and it was easier to go straight there rather than home and back so I was glad to be able to take Wiggle into the office.  Sofy stayed home with a tasty stuffed Kong and was sleepy when we got back.

Wiggle had met the office dog Lilly before so she was happy to share the office:

After lots of meeting and greeting, Wiggle took a short nap:

Then some more wandering around with Lilly:

Wiggle decided to lay under my desk but Lilly wanted him to come out and play:

After Lilly had gone home, Wiggle had a rest before it was time to leave and go and visit the lovely residents at the care home: