Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Wiggle - Day 376

As it's been so warm again we've just had a quick walk first thing and saved our longer walk for this evening.

Up on the Downs, Wiggle was ready to play fetch:

And fetch he did!

All this space to ourselves!

Sir H is propelled by his ears:

And then decides that a roll in the grass is in order!

Wiggle, handsome as ever, bless him.

More running.....

While Sir H is worn out .....

.... but then manages to look a little more awake for a photo with Wiggle:

Wiggle, chasing after his ball:

Yesterday afternoon the boys had fun in their paddling pool. Wiggle decided that he wanted to get the toys that didn't float, so spent ages pawing at his rubber bone:

Eventually though, he decided the best way was to go in head first!

Sir H had a wallow to cool down:

Monday, 29 June 2009

Wiggle on the Web!

Wiggle is getting around a bit!

The lovely people at Labradors Worldwide have added Wiggle to the gallery - along with Sir H and Guinness, Poppy, Bumpy and Dolly. Check out the photo's on the gallery:


After joining Twitter a while back, Wiggle has been nominated for the Tweetwall UK Animal Tweeters board - you can vote for him here:


Just click on the cross next to his photo!

Some of Wiggle's Twitter pals are on there to, so we've been voting for them as it would be unfair of me to vote for Wiggle!

Wiggle has had his own Facebook Fan Page for a while now and as of this morning, Wiggle now has his own unique URL:


While Wiggle is still on his Atopica medication it's important to keep promoting him where I can and publicise the excellent work done by LRSE&C as without them, Wiggle wouldn't be the boy he is now.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Wiggle at Big Doggie Do, Day 2!

We've had another fab day at the Big Doggie Do in Milton Keynes. Once again, we were helping out at the Dogstar stall for the day, but we still had time to enjoy ourselves.

Sir H, waggling his paw while wearing his pink bandana. He liked it so much, he wore it all night!

Noah took advantage of some combined roaching/sunbathing:

Wiggle and Sir H spent the afternoon in the company of the lovely Fleur, who belongs to our friend Marian:

Earlier in the day, Angela who runs Dogs in Training, held an agility workshop where absolute beginners could have a go. So, we did!

As you can see, Wiggle took to it very quickly and I love these photo's Sam took, especially these of Wiggle jumping to me:

Wiggle jumps back the other way, watched by Noah and Aishling:

Me, encouraging Wiggle through one of the tunnels.....

Here he is!!

Big hug for doing so well:

Going through the other tunnel:

Up on the A-frame:


After counting up the money, the Dogstar stall raised £260, which will pay for 20 animals to be sterilised and 60 vaccinated against Rabies, so a fantastic amount to enable Sam, Mark, Mo and the other volunteer's to continue their work in Sri Lanka.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Wiggle at the Big Doggie Do!

We're in Milton Keynes! We've had a great day at the Big Doggie Do and the event is on again tomorrow:


Here's Wiggle at the Dogstar Foundation stall:

Some of the info on the Dogstar stall:

Wiggle entered the dog show, in the Best Rescue class - he came second!

Winner of the Best Rescue was a very gorgeous Collie girl called Molly who'd had a front leg amputated. A very worthy winner who had been adopted by her family from Birmingham Dogs Home. Well done Molly!

Later in the day, Noah came along but having had to walk to the show, decided it was time for a rest:

Sam put bandanna's on the boys - Sir H was wearing pink. And he seemed to really rather like it!

Back at Dogstar HQ, Sir H was ready for a wallow and didn't wait for Mark to finish filling Noah's pool!

Sir H, still in his bandanna, enjoying a good wallow:

A little later, we headed off for a walk in the woods. Wiggle and Noah did some running around:

Sir H stopped for a lie down in the grass. Still wearing his pink bandanna!

Meanwhile, Wiggle and Noah were still running around....

At one point, Sir H had a little trot and even tried to catch up Wiggle and Noah! Sadly, he didn't.

We've all had a lovely day so far and the boys are all worn out now. We'll be back at the show tomorrow and look forward to another good day in the sunshine.

Wiggle - Day 373

The boys have been having a quiet couple of days while I've been at work. We're off to Milton Keynes today for the Big Doggie Do and staying with our friends Sam & Mark who run Dogstar Foundation.

We're hoping for good weather and that Sam & Mark have a good weekend with their stall and raise loads for their work in Sri Lanka.


Thursday, 25 June 2009

Wiggle - Day 371

Remember I mentioned that Wiggle had had his photo taken by a professional photographer when we were at Bowood? Well, after much deliberation, I have decided which photo to get printed.

The first one!

I chose it because he looks so well and happy! I've got to be patient now and wait for the print to arrive and then get a frame for it so Wiggle's portrait can take pride of place on the wall.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Wiggle - Day 370

I've been working so the boys have been taking things easy and going out with the dogwalker while I'm out. I haven't been able to get an appointment for Sir H at the vet as our favourite vet was all booked up but Sir H seems fine in himself, so no real hurry.

We're away this weekend - staying with our good friends Sam & Mark from Dogstar Foundation. They'll be at the Milton Keynes Big Doggie Do, raising awareness and funds for Dogstar so the boys and I will be there, giving them a hand.

If you're in the area and fancy a day out, there's more info here:


Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Wiggle - Day 369, Worn out Wiggle!

After yesterday's hike up to the White Horse, Wiggle was worn out for the rest of the evening and hardly moved from the sofa.

Wiggle was fast asleep, snoring softly:

Seems that tearing off up the hill at speed wore him out! Maybe next time he'll learn and take the walk at a slower pace.....

In other news, I'm going to take Sir H to the vets this week. He's getting more reluctant to walk far and has been wobbling a fair bit, walking a short distance and then wanting a rest. Hopefully it's nothing serious and a check over by the vet will put my mind at rest.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Wiggle - Day 368, Walk to the White Horse

We've been up to the Cherhill White Horse. I've not been up there for years and as it's been a nice day and not too hot, decided to take Wiggle for a walk up to the top of the hill.

The white horse, as seen from the road:

At the end of the land leading to the path:

Wiggle was exploring:

Getting near to the top, Wiggle stopped to admire the view:

Looking across over the Downs, towards Silbury Hill:

And the view the other way:

Wiggle stops for a rest, with the Lansdowne Monument in the background:

After walking along the ridge and past the monument, Wiggle stops to look back across to the White Horse:

I think Wiggle was glad of the rest!

Back to the start of the walk. The sign was wonky, not my camera!!

We thoroughly enjoyed our walk, even if it was rather steep at times, but the view was worth it!