Thursday, 27 November 2008

Wiggle - Day 162

Wiggle has been busy helping Sirus feel at home.

I've been out and about today, keeping our little visitor busy (his blog will be updated soon!) and this evening I'm sorting out our packing for our weekend away.

Bright and early tomorrow morning we are off to the Lake District for the weekend. We're staying in a little cottage near Ennerdale and hope to have some nice walks and a restful time, no matter the weather!

Wiggle will be back next week and no doubt be telling you all about his adventures

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Wiggle - Day 161

An exciting start to our day early this morning - a special delivery has just arrived!

Wiggle was first to check out who had arrived, but had to sniff out the contents of the box....

After removing the extensive clothing collection our visitor was revealed - none other than Sirius! Roving international fundraiser for The Dogstar Foundation!

Sirius travels the world, visiting different Dogstar supporters and accompanies them on their travels. Sirius stayed with me last year and came away with us on holiday - the hightlights of his previous visit can be found on his blog:

Back then, I didn't even know about Wiggle, or Sir H for that matter, but Sirius enjoyed his trip with Dolly, Bumpy and myself.

Sam, founder of Dogstar, heard that we are planning a weekend away in the Lake District, so as Sirius didn't have any plans this week, thought we might like his company for the weekend!

Wiggle and Sirius got to know each other, probably discussing their respective blogs, however as Sirius was still in his pyjamas and had been travelling all night, he had a little nap with Sir H:

Sir H was having a lie-in, which suited Sirius just fine!

In other Wiggle news, I'm very pleased to report that he had a good nights sleep after yesterdays operation and is back to his normal Wiggly self today.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Wiggle - Day 160

Wiggle is home from the vets. He went off happily with the nurse this morning, probably hoping she would give him some breakfast as he'd not had any at home. As Wiggle was having a general anaesthetic, he had to be starved from 8pm last night.

I collected Wiggle at 3pm and the nurse said he had been a little star, in fact the favourite patient of the day! Apparently he had been taken out for a couple of little walks, the operation had been quick and apart from his now gummy smile, his teeth are all in good condition. The nurse said he came round from the anaethetic quickly and had had plenty more cuddles before I went to collect him.

Wiggle has had some rice and fish for his supper and is now asleep next to me on the sofa. He was a little woeful when he first came home but possibly was upset that his lovely fur had been cut on his leg for the injections!

After a bit more time spent looking woeful on the sofa, Wiggle settled down and is now snoring gently.

Monday, 24 November 2008

Wiggle - Day 159

Today we've had bitterly cold weather but that didn't stop us going out. I wrapped up warm and took the boys up to the Downs.

Wiggle was playing with his tennis ball

Sir H, in motion!

The boys stopped for a sit down

But Sir H decided to relax a bit longer.....

Everything was going well until I noticed blood on Wiggle's tennis ball. After checking his mouth, I found he had somehow managed to break 2 front teeth! Thankfully we were able to see the vet on the way home and Wiggle is now booked in to go to the animal hospital tomorrow to have the half tooth and other tooth removed. As Wiggle is on the Atopica, his immune system is lowered which makes the chance of infection more of a risk.

Alison, the vet, said that it will be a quick operation under anaesthetic and in the long run, will be the best option for Wiggle. The teeth won't grow back and while the intact tooth is loose, there is chance of an abcess, so after tomorrow, Wiggle will be a gummy boy.

I'll drop Wiggle off at 8.30am tomorrow and then collect him in the afternoon, so will report back once my boy is back home.

Here's Wiggle's poorly teefs:

Wiggle - First 5 Months Photo Montage

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Wiggle - Day 158

The boys have had another lovely walk, this time at Bradford on Avon. Although the weather forecast said it would be cold, we woke to heavy rain but that didn't stop us meeting up with friends as planned.

Wiggle was soon in the water, splashing around with his tennis ball

Flora joined Wiggle in the water but he was too busy playing with his tennis ball

Sir H was happy to wallow:

We carried on with our walk until we reached the pub where us humans stopped for coffee.

Todd was trying to persuade his mum Lynne that he was starving and needed some of her sandwich

Louis wanted cuddles, despite being rather muddy!

Flora and Bran:

Lynne & Todd, Amy & Louis and Elaine with Freddie & Amber Bassett

Wiggle & Sir H, waiting for us to get going again

Sir H was happy to see his bestest friend, Sophie

After our rest stop we walked back along the canal path, got a bit wet as the rain came down! After getting nicely covered in mud, Wiggle had a bath when we got home

Both boys are worn out now and fast asleep!

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Wiggle - Day 157

This morning the boys and I went on a new walk. I'd seen signs for a place called Jubilee Lake but never stopped there, however as I was going over to my parents, and the lake was on the way, we stopped there for a walk.

It's not the biggest lake but the boys still had a good time.

Wiggle, with his tennis ball (of course!) was quick to explore

He soon saw that there was water in the distance

Sir H soon caught up and was heading for the water

I think the boys must have decided the water looked too cold, or a bit deep, so decided not to go in!

Wiggle waited for me to throw the ball while Sir H sniffs things

Being the dirt magnet that he is, Wiggle was happy to find some muddy ground to run around in

Wiggle runs after his ball....

... while Sir H sniffs some very interesting plants

Wiggle, waiting for me to throw the ball. Yet again

Time to walk on and more exploring

Sir H was still sniffing, while Wiggle still wanted to play ball!

Wiggle performs his acrobatics. Sir H is oblivious....

Sir H watches the ducks:

But Wiggle takes no notice - not while I have his tennis ball!

Sir H found an interesting lump of earth

But Wiggle was too busy exploring still, tennis ball in mouth

Soon after we headed back to the car and on to my parents. Wiggle and Sir H got lots of fuss and my dad and Sir H compared notes on their poorly feet!

Tomorrow will be another fun day for the boys as we are off to Barton Park in Bradford on Avon again to meet up with friends for a walk. Expect more photos tomorrow.

Friday, 21 November 2008

Wiggle - Day 156 (5 months!!)

Five months since Wiggle arrived here. It's strange, as in many ways it feels like longer yet at the same time, I'll never forget that day, 20th June 2008, when I first saw Wiggle.

Looking like this

The previously skinny, dull dog who was mostly looking sad and bewildered. I took him to meet my mum the next day, when these photo's were taken:

But 5 months on, Wiggle's looking like a different dog. A happy boy who loves to play, loves his cuddles and makes me smile every single day.