Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Wiggle - Day 161

An exciting start to our day early this morning - a special delivery has just arrived!

Wiggle was first to check out who had arrived, but had to sniff out the contents of the box....

After removing the extensive clothing collection our visitor was revealed - none other than Sirius! Roving international fundraiser for The Dogstar Foundation!

Sirius travels the world, visiting different Dogstar supporters and accompanies them on their travels. Sirius stayed with me last year and came away with us on holiday - the hightlights of his previous visit can be found on his blog:

Back then, I didn't even know about Wiggle, or Sir H for that matter, but Sirius enjoyed his trip with Dolly, Bumpy and myself.

Sam, founder of Dogstar, heard that we are planning a weekend away in the Lake District, so as Sirius didn't have any plans this week, thought we might like his company for the weekend!

Wiggle and Sirius got to know each other, probably discussing their respective blogs, however as Sirius was still in his pyjamas and had been travelling all night, he had a little nap with Sir H:

Sir H was having a lie-in, which suited Sirius just fine!

In other Wiggle news, I'm very pleased to report that he had a good nights sleep after yesterdays operation and is back to his normal Wiggly self today.

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