Sunday, 2 November 2008

Wiggle - Day 139

Wiggle has had a busy weekend of walking and going to the pub. Yesterday he was a very good boy and accompanied us to the pub before going for a nice long walk up at Maude Heath. I'd forgotten the camera but Wiggle did plenty of running around. Until he lost his tennis ball. Sir H pottered around but refrained from running.

This morning Wiggle woke me up at about 6am as he was being sick. He did eat grass yesterday while we were out and has been fine since, so I'm hoping its nothing to worry about but will obviously keep an eye on him over the next few days.

Today we had a nice long walk down by the river, but again I forgot the camera. Wiggle got nice and mucky after jumping in the river, which after all the rain overnight was a lot higher than usual. Sir H decided it was far too cold for such madness and just splashed around in puddles instead.

Wiggle had a bit of a fright when some big scary cows moo'd at him. Not content with moo'ing and making Wiggle jump, the cows when followed us from their side of the path as we walked along. Poor Wiggle wasn't sure what to make of them and is using the big scary moo cows as the reason for losing another tennis balls.

As Wiggle was mucky after being dried off, he wore his fleece jumper and it would seem that when the camera isn't around, he doesn't look half as miserable! He was all snuggly and warm and happily playing with toys and snoozing in the chair, still wearing his fleece. I think he secretly rather likes it.

Thankfully, when we went to my parents for lunch my mum had found some bargain tennis balls during a recent shopping trip so the tennis ball supply has been replenished.

On the way back home we stopped at the pub so Wiggle came in too. He was very good and took no notice of one of the pub's canine regulars when they had a bark at him and he lapped up all the fuss from his new found friends.

Tomorrow we are off to Milton Keynes to see our friend Sam and her dogs Holly, Noah and Winston. Gertie, aka Grouchie Cat (see Wiggle's links) lives there too and I suspect will bop Wiggle on the nose if he dares to enter her room.....

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