Sunday, 23 February 2020

The new bed

Ziggy didn't need a new bed.  He has a living room bed, a bedroom bed and a bed in the car as well as use of all the beds in the house as well as the armchair and sofa.  But when I saw this fabbie new bed in Aldi for less than £20, I had to get one!

Ziggy liked it straight away

And even left the sofa to spend several hours in the new bed yeserday evening...

Today we were out in the muddy field

Muddy walks are reserved for bath days.

When we got home, we found that Lula had decided she likes the new bed too....

Sunday, 16 February 2020

Stormy weather

Two stormy weekends in a row have meant soggy walks for Ziggy.  Today we saw how much the rain had affected our little town when we went for a rainy walk by the river/

The river was higher than we had ever seen it, with the path through the trees flooded:


The river had risen enough to come across the path:

I wasn't taking any chances that Ziggy might want to go for a paddle without realising how deep the river had become, so he stayed on lead for his own safety 

Back in the car to wrap up and keep warm before getting home and having his bath

Sunday, 2 February 2020

It's a pretty good life being Ziggy!

This week Ziggy was a very lucky boy and received his beautiful new puffa jacket from the wonderful people at Hugo & Hudson:

It's a perfect fit and will keep him lovely and warm in the cold weather.  Having a bald chest and tummy can't be much fun when the weather is cold!

Trying out his new coat and feeling warm!

These fabbie coats are reversible and come in a whole bunch of different colour combinations.  With the help of our Twitter friends, we went for the Orange/Navy combo.  For more info, go to

Yesterday we had been invited to lunch with Grandyma and Ziggy is always up for eating out:

It was mild enough that he didn't need a jumper so he accessoried with his new purple herringbone bandana.  After our lunch had been eaten, Ziggy made himself comfortable on the sofa: 

Back at Grandyma's Ziggy caught up with his toy monkey:

Today we decided to go have some fun in the mud, so headed for the river:

Ziggy had a lot of fun in the big puddle, splashing around:

Ziggy had a great time, running around, going back in the water, then out again:

The icing on the cake for Ziggy's walk was when he found something stinky to roll in:

Wrapped up in the car before going home and having his bath: