Friday, 30 January 2009

Wiggle - Day 226

I was looking on the Labrador Rescue website last night and through the photo gallery of the Dogs Party. While the weather is cold and grey here it's nice to look back at that lovely day in September, and not only because Wiggle won Dog of the Year.

If you've not seen the pictures, the gallery is here:

Can you spot Wiggle and Sir H? Wiggle took part in the scurry while Sir H had a snooze.

The boys are having a quiet couple of days as I'm working nights. We're off to Virginia Water again on Sunday to walk with friends from the Refuge forum as I organised a group walk. The weather forecast is predicting a cold day but I'm sure my boys will have a good time and no doubt end up in the lake!

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Wiggle - Day 224

Not a nice weather day here - dampy and misty again. We've been up to the Downs for a walk but as the racehorses were out on the gallops, we stayed up the top of the hill, starting off walking through the tree's. With the ball bouncing all over the place due to the uneven ground, Wiggle did lots of skidding about.

Wiggle was running around the moment he jumped out of the car, tennis ball in his mouth, while he checked out the new smells. Sir H was taking things at his usual slower pace.

Sir H was very happy to find a muddly puddle but thankfully it wasn't deep enough for him to wallow! Wiggle was just happy to be running around - one of his favourite hobbies.

We did have one minor mishap - Wiggle headbutted me by accident! We both went to pick up the ball at the same time but I don't think Wiggle noticed as he was too busy waiting for me to throw the ball.

Here's some of the photo's from our walk:

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Wiggle - Day 223

A big thank you to Terri, Clare and Jackie and everyone else who bid on the calendar auction. I'm very pleased to announce that the bids have raised £70 towards Wiggle's ongoing vet's fee's, which is fantastic.

After the cold bright days we've had a murky, misty day here today. Wiggle wasn't put off and spent some time this morning chasing after his tennis ball on a rope, so he was happy! Sir was happy to roll in the grass.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Wiggle - Day 220

The weather has been kinder to us and it's been nice and sunny, although a little cold. I had to pop into Swindon so the boys came too and on the way back, we stopped off at Coate Water.

Sir H enjoyed pottering about while Wiggle was running around madly, chasing after his tennis ball. The boys like Coate as there's a lake, so Sir H could wallow while Wiggle swam.

The crispy day flicked the loony switch in Wiggle and he ran and ran, chasing after the ball, leaping about, falling over and skidding around to catch the ball.

I got a coffee to warm up and Sir H decided he would join me while I sat on a bench but Wiggle was not ready to stop running and chasing. I think they each enjoyed the walk in their own way.

Here's a few photos:

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Wiggle - Day 218

Today Wiggle has 2 more new toys! I'd been over to my parents earlier and my mum had got Wiggle a couple of ball on a rope toys, which Wiggle was very excited about since killing or losing all but one of his other rope & ball toys.

After having to dress in waterproofs due to the horrid weather, we've had a lovely sunny afternoon here in Wiltshire. This morning, it was raining when we went out but we've just had a lovely hour on the Downs.

Wiggle was a happy boy, running around with his new ball on a rope

Sir H, however, wasn't in the mood for walking, let alone running!

Meanwhile, Wiggle was still running

While waiting for me to throw the ball, the wind blew his ear, giving him a rather odd look!

But another gust of wind, and Wiggle's ears were back as they are meant to be, if a little flappy!

Handsome boys:

Sir H did move around a bit - but only to roll in the grass.....

Wiggle didn't have time for rolling, he was far too busy with his toy still

Since getting home, Wiggle has had a bath and is now wrapped up in his dressing gown, waiting for dinner time.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Wiggle - Day 216

After waking a sleeping Wiggle when I got home from work, he's had his dinner and decided to get as many toys out of the basket as possible!

Clearly he has a lot to choose from, but for some reason one toy was to his liking so he's spent a productive 15 minutes chewing happily.

As I am Wiggle's Slave, I shall tidy the toys away for him. Sir H doesn't 'do' toys so prefers to go back to bed until it's time for our walk.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Wiggle - Day 215

I've been back at work today so our walks are in the dark, morning and evenings. The boys get daylight walks when the dogwalker comes in at lunchtimes, but here's Wiggle and Sir H waiting for me to get my coat on:

After the wet and windy weather of the weekend, the temperature has really dropped tonight, so while I'm warming up with a cup of coffee, Wiggle has been having a few minutes of play to warm himself up!

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Wiggle - Day 214

After the lashing rain and strong winds last night, the weather's not much better here today so no photo's of Wiggle on his walk!

While I've been doing houseworky type things, Wiggle has as usual, been following me around. He likes to be with me, whatever I'm doing, whether I'm making the bed or cleaning, yet doesn't get in the way. I do often wonder what he felt like in his previous life, when he was shut outside and didn't have the interaction he has now. I chat to him while I'm getting on with what I need to do and he listens, no doubt wondering what the heck I'm talking about, but he wags and he's happy.

I think I'll never understand why he was shut out and left to be on his own all the time outside. It's not like Wiggle is charging around the house all the time or being naughty....

Last night we were sitting on the rug, playing with toys again and seeing Wiggle's furry belly made me think back to last year when he first arrived:

Apart from looking so much better, Wiggle must feel so much better!

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Wiggle - Day 213

Wiggle is very pleased that I have now finished my decorating and DIY activities and the living room is back to normal again. To celebrate, he has re-acquainted himself with his toys as for the last few days, things have been moved around and he's not had space for a good toy-flinging session.

First choice was the blue Kong Wubba, a favourite Christmas present....

Then it was the turn of the lilac Wubba, which Wiggle decided was a better size to roll around with

After he was done rolling, the yellow Air Kong ring was next, for a spot of chewing

Before Wiggle decided to turn his attention to the Nylabone for some more chewing.

After all that play, two walks and his dinner just now, Wiggle is worn out and fast asleep on the sofa!