Sunday, 28 April 2019

What a difference a year makes!

Look how happy and handsome Ziggy is:

Yet a year ago, this is how he was looking, very sore and itchy and struggling with his allergies:

I know how much more pollen there is right now as my hayfever has been really bad but thankfully the combination of medication and Malaseb baths is stopping Ziggy from reacting to the allergens.

I took the week off and Ziggy's Grandyma came to stay for the Easter weekend.  He and Lula were waiting for her, having checked the guest bed to make sure it was ready for our visitor:

The weather was beautiful and we had a lazy morning then headed over to Bradford on Avon for a wander around by the old Tithebarn and a splash in the river for Ziggy:

The next day Ziggy joined us in town for brunch, sitting out in the sunshine: 

While we went over to Marlborough for a wander around the shops, Ziggy stayed at home for a rest and some sofa time as he had a day out planned for Tuesday - to the beach!

We wanted to enjoy the sunshine so drove down to Southbourne beach which we love as it is sandy and there's an area where dogs are allowed, just a short stroll from the cafe.  

After coffee, Ziggy had fun splashing around in the sea: 

We drove back through the New Forest, stopping for lunch and also for donkey's:

By Friday Grandyma had gone home so Ziggy and I went to the garden centre for coffee and then stopped in Lacock on the way home.  The nice lady in the bakery said he could come in so Ziggy came in to browse too:

There's lots of old, wonky buildings in Lacock!

Before leaving, we stopped at the Stall on the Wall:

We've had a fun week, going places and having Grandyma to stay and Ziggy does love his Grandyma!  All back to normal now, Ziggy's had his bath and is snoring as he has his pre-bedtime nap.

Sunday, 14 April 2019

Ziggy's Weekly Update

As is usual for a Sunday evening, Ziggy is curled up on the sofa next to me, snoring softly.  He's had another fun week, mostly being happy all the time.

He's always happy and soppy and affectionate, even just getting in the car makes the baldy one happy: 

Swampy puddles are another of Ziggy's favourite things:

Despite the sad face, Ziggy does actually like his baths and happily jumps in when I ask him.  As I rub in the Malaseb shampoo, he licks me and wags his tail.

A little video:

One of Ziggy's favourite people is his Grandyma and he always get excited when I tell him we are going to see her.  He likes coming with us for brunch:

While we were shopping, Ziggy chose a new aligator toy: 

Today we had garden work to do but before that, we went out for brunch and a walk town

Next weekend Grandyma is coming to stay so Ziggy will be making plans for fun places to go!

Sunday, 7 April 2019

Happy Boy

Another Ziggy week has flown past!  He's done plenty of sleeping, had his regular baths and had a lot of fuss and cuddles and has been a happy boy as always

Some mid-week rain was welcomed by Ziggy as he does like to splash around in mud when he can:

Yesterday Ziggy was very excited to go see Grandyma and go to brunch.  He likes coming out and getting lots of fuss and sometimes the odd little snack and is always very happy:

This morning I asked Ziggy if he would like to go for a run in the filds by the river and he was straight in the car, ready to get going:

Happy boy:

The big puddle wasn't so full but it did have plenty of mud which Ziggy likes:

We then went on to the lovely cafe in town for breakfast, including a sossije order for Ziggy.  He patiently waited for it to cool down:

After breakfast, a splash in the river to clean off the worst of the mud before his bath at home: