Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Wiggle - Day 650

We're keeping an eye on the weather forecast for the weekend as it's Easter break and I get to have Friday and Monday off work. I had been hoping to get out and about with Wiggle and Sofy and try some new walks that I've found but I think we'll see what the weather does.

Needless to say, walks are nicer in good weather!

Meanwhile, our friends over at Dogstar Foundation are running a little Easter Egg Hunt:

The Dogstar Foundation are hosting an online Easter Egg Hunt and everyone is welcome to come and take part.

The Egg Hunt opens at 09:00hrs Friday April 2nd and ends 21:00hrs Monday 5th April (UK time).

The Easter bunny will be visiting and hiding a number of eggs - search the website and find as many as you can, then email the team at: saying how many eggs you found on the site and where they were.

Some will be easy to spot but some will be very well hidden and you will have to hunt very hard for them!

The winner will be the person who finds the most eggs and in the event of a draw we will pull a name out of a hat.

Dogstar Founders Sam and Mark will send the winner a mystery Dogstar prize. Entry is free and open to everyone, children under the age of 16 should check with a parent or guardian first. The Winner will be announced & the location of all the eggs will be revealed on the Dogstar website and on their Facebook fan page on Tuesday 6th April at 17:00hrs.

I know what I'll be doing if the weather is awful!

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Wiggle - Day 649

After yesterdays running around on the Downs, Wiggle spent most of the evening, fast asleep on the sofa.....

Wiggle likes his comforts - a nice soft cushion to rest his head:

Sir H was tired too, even though he'd only been to the green at the end of the road!

Sofy had taken herself upstairs to her bedroom for the evening ....

Monday, 29 March 2010

Wiggle - Day 648

Typically, as I had a day off today, the weather wasn't the best. I had planned to take Wiggle and Sofy somewhere good for our walk but as it's been wet and windy, we went up to the Downs.

Wiggle didn't care about the weather - he had his ball!

Sofy wasn't so happy - she was onlead for the start of the walk. The last few times we've walked up to the woods, Sofy has legged it across the field in search of deer poo to roll in. I'm not too worried about the rolling, but more that the field leads towards the road and I don't want Sofy going off in search of poo near the road!

Once we were away from the fields, it was time for offlead play and waiting for the ball:

Wiggle's serious, concentrating face:

Dopey face!

I did take lots of photo's, as usual, but for some reason, Blogger won't upload them. I did manage to get this little video uploaded though......

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Wiggle - Day 647

This morning we all had a lie-in as we'd lost an hour due to the clocks going forward for the start of British Summer Time. While I got on with some chores, the dogs slept off their breakfast and we then headed up to Maude Heath for a walk.

Wiggle and Sofy wanted to play - sitting & waiting for me to throw the ball:

And play, they did!

Sir H enjoyed a nice little roll around:

Wiggle was chasing Sofy who had the ball:

While Sir H decided he needed a rest after that energetic rolling!

Who got the ball.....?


Wiggle: "Aw mum, I wanted the ball!"

Happy Wiggle, got the ball on the next throw:

More playing:


Sofy show's her acrobatic skills:

Then brings the ball back:

Not to be outdone, Wiggle showed off his jumping:

Sofy, trying to keep up:

Sir H, best Feed Me A Treat face:

Sofy was starting to get tired so stopped for a rest:

My boys:

Wiggle wasn't resting - still running & fetching!

Sir H came over all soppy and wanted to be cuddled:

Smiley Sunny Sofy:

Enough of the display of affection, Sir H goes and for a lay down:

Pouncing Wiggle:

And again!

Sir H follows Wiggle as we walk back to the car:

Wiggle, still carrying his ball:

While the dogs spent the afternoon resting, I went out to help on a transport run. This lovely Lab Rescue boy has now gone to his new home:

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Wiggle - Day 646

Today, after visiting my dad (he's on his own right now while my mum is in sunny Barbados visiting my aunt & uncle - hello to mum, David & Nadean if you're reading!!), I took Wiggle and Sofy to Lydiard Park for a walk.

We managed to get there and walk while it was still dry, Wiggle running around with his tennis ball while Sofy had other things on her mind....

Sofy wanted to swim!

Wiggle wasn't in the mood for swimming, so carried on in his own little tennis ball carrying world:

Sofy, running back for a treat:

Running after the ball:

Finding interesting smells to be sniffed:


As we walked on, we came across a sign for the Cold Bath:

I don't think I'd like to have gone in there!

Back to our walk and Wiggle was still running around with his ball while Sofy was doing her own thing:

Sofy, sniffing the daffodils:

Despite how it looks, Wiggle wasn't trying to bite Sofy's tail!

Sofy gets the ball:

Sitting in front of Lydiard House:

And the church:

Bored of sitting still, back to running for Wiggle':

Following the path, alongside the Walled Garden:

More running:

Last game of fetch before it started to rain heavily!

Sir H stayed at home as he wouldn't have managed the walk. He's fine and has spent most of the time it's taken me to write this entry lying & staring at me, hoping it will be dinnertime soon....