Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Wiggle - Day 2,046

As Wiggle doesn't get to run during weekdays at this time of year, he likes to use up some energy by shredding his toys:

All of the toys come out of the basket:

And one by one, he chews and shreds:

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Wiggle - Day 2,043

It's been another wet and windy weekend in our part of the world, with torrential rain and hailstones.

After going out yesterday, we stopped at Maud Heath after a heavy shower but the sky was still dark and stormy:

It was so windy, that Wiggle and Sofy lost control of their ear's and I couldn't hold my phone steady to take their photo:

Deciding it was better to do stuff indoors, I moved the lounge furniture around, with the sofa and armchair in different places.  After months and months of neither Wiggle nor Sofy sitting in the armchair, they've now both decided that they like it:

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Wiggle - Day 2,039

It's dark in the morning when we walk and dark again in the evening, so Wiggle and Sofy like to make the most of their weekends, just like they did on Sunday.

A lovely sunny and crisp morning - just right for running and playing:

Sitting on top of the hill:

Waiting to run for the ball:

Wiggle like's to get ahead!

Friday, 17 January 2014

Happy 4th Gotcha Day, Sofy!

Today we're celebrating four years since Sofy came into our lives.  

Here's a look back at some highlights of the last year....

January - Snow!

February - Pancakes for Shrove Tuesday:

March - A trip to the beach:

April - Bouncing, post-bath:

May - Flying!

June - Running through the meadow with Wiggle:

July - A sunshiney day:

August - Stopping to site on a hay bale during an evening walk:

September - Splashing around in the river:

October - Watching the ducks:

November - Running on the Downs:

Christmas - Boxing Day paddle in Richmond Park:

We love Sofy lots - she's silly, she's cuddly, she snores loudly and she makes us smile every day.  She's our happy little Sofy and we hope to celebrate many more gotcha days with her!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Wiggle - Day 2,033

Sofy isn't happy.  

At the weekend I finally got round to putting up the temporary fence to stop Wiggle and Sofy getting all muddy in the garden as the heavy soil doesn't cope well with lots of rain.

Wiggle is fine about it and will wee on the gravel bed at the side but Sofy is once again on wee strike. Last time wee strike lasted a month....

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Wiggle - Day 2,030

This morning Wiggle and I had a very important appointment - his assessment to become a visiting volunteer for Pets As Therapy

We still have to get our application completed and approved, but all being well, it won't be too long before Wiggle and I will be able to volunteer.

After our assessment, we stopped at Maude Heath for our walk.  Wiggle and Sofy were happy to be off-lead and looking forward to playing ball:

Time to play:

Wiggle made time to stop for a little cowpoopsnack:

And then it was back to chasing the tennis ball - which included Wiggle trying to fly:

As Sofy had the ball, Wiggle chased her:

Being handsome and pretty:

Then running downhill:

Wiggle: "Throw the ball again, please?"

More running, before heading back to the car:

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Wiggle - Day 2,023

After all the horrid weather yesterday, our morning was drier and brighter - for a while!  There had been a frost overnight and there was a cold wind blowing but we got out for a nice walk up at the Downs.

Wiggle ran ahead, as usual:

Sofy sat on a tree stump, raising herself for easier feeding of treats:

Up on the top, Wiggle was running around:

Sofy was quite perky too, jumping over the lumpy ground:

Sitting, waiting:

And running!

And bouncing:

Brining the ball back to me:

Sofy, looking serious as she waits for the ball:

Wiggle's "just throw the ball!" stare:

Long-distance stare:

Enjoying the space to run:

Wiggle had enough of running and chasing his ball, so took it with him, down the hill:

And he kept on going, until his was way ahead in the distance...... Where's Wiggle?

Together again, before heading back to the car.  Sofy lost control of her ears, but didn't seem to bothered: