Sunday, 20 August 2017

Ziggy - Days 1 - 7

Last weekend, we had a new visitor.  I'd been contacted about another Lab needing help and when I heard it was another poorly boy with skin problems, I couldn't say no.

So on Sunday, Ziggy came to stay:

Ziggy is 6 years old and was given up as his owner was unable to take care of his medical needs so LRSE&C agreed to take him on.  Like Wiggle, he is itchy and bald and needs to be treated for his allergies so this week he went to the vet to get treatment underway.  Ziggy has a very sweet nature and was very good for Alison the vet. 

Part of Ziggy's treatment is Malaseb baths.  Currently he's having a bath every other day and he hops into the bath and sits while I lather the shampoo into his poorly skin.  Ziggy tries to look like it is torture but I'm sure it must feel nice really.

After his bath, Ziggy went back to bed:

Yesterday Ziggy went shopping as he has been wearing one of Wiggle's collars and needed his own accessories.  

We chose purple as 'his' colour so he has now been kitted out with a collar and harness:

Sofy seems to like having a brother again and has been very welcoming to Ziggy.  Obviously she thinks she is in charge although so long as she has food and love, she's happy:

Apologies for the rather X-rated photo but this is how bald Ziggy is right now.   

But despite his health problems, he's a happy boy and we will do our best to get him healthy again.