Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The nights are certainly drawing in as we're finding that our evening walks are getting darker! Wiggle doesn't seem to mind too much and has been running around, chasing after his flashing ball.

He's tired now although did make a small effort at playing with a tennis ball when we got home:

Sir H was worn out and he didn't do much apart from walk to the green and have a lie down! Wiggle managed to stay awake for a few more minutes.....

But has now taken himself off to bed.

We're off to school again tomorrow evening so all being well, Wiggle will be a good boy again and learn some new skills!

Monday, 28 September 2009

Wiggle has had a special birthday dinner this evening - hot dog sausages!

He seemed to enjoy it and ate with his usual speed! We've been out this evening, playing fetch with the flashing ball in the dark and Wiggle clearly doesn't feel any older.

Wiggle has had lots of messages on his Facebook page, the Refuge and on Twitter so thank you all for the lovely wishes.

Happy Birthday Wiggle!

Today is Wiggle's 7th birthday!

Happy Birthday Wiggle, my very special boy x

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Wiggle - Day 465

Wiggle and I made the most of the lovely weather today with a nice long walk on the Downs. After we'd been out for our first walk in the morning, Sir H stayed at home as I knew he wouldn't want to go far.

As usual, Wiggle was running around straight away, ball in his mouth, as we walked up towards the woods:

Wiggle definitely had a spring in his step!

And flappy ears!

He's up there somewhere!

Waiting for the ball to be thrown:

Happy, smiley Wiggle:

Wiggle didn't stay sitting for long, not when there's a path to run along:

Shiney Wiggle!

Waiting for the ball. Again!

Got the ball!

And away he goes!!

Looking handsome in the autumn sunshine:

Still with his ball...

More handsomeness (although I'm not sure that's a proper word!)

Somehow Wiggle had some grass attached to his ear:

And then grass in his mouth!

Quick rest on the way back, with the woods in the background:

And when we got home, Sir H was where we'd left him, looking pleased about our return!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Wiggle - Day 462

Wiggle has been to school!

Despite all the different dogs that have been here, whether mine or on foster, I've never attended any proper classes. Although Wiggle is mostly a good boy, I thought it would do us both good to go back to school, reaffirm the basics he already know's and learn some new things too.

So this evening, we headed off for a class run by a local trainer and joined the group. Interestingly, it was all Labs!! A black girl, a yellow girl and a chocolate boy. Wiggle was very good and showed how he knows some things and we started to learn some new stuff too.

Wiggle seemed to enjoy himself and got lots of fuss and treats for being good. He must have found the class quite tiring as he's now fast asleep on the sofa!

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Wiggle - Day 460

As you know, Wiggle loves to run around, chasing his ball but now the evenings are getting darker, we have had to start using the Night Time Ball!

And here it is:

A glow in the dark, flashing ball!

Wiggle is just as keen to run and chase it, if anything, getting quicker to reach it as it stops flashing if its still for too long. Even in the dark, Wiggle gives me The Stare:

Fetching the ball with his mouth glowing red!

Wiggle and his alien eyes!

Sir H, needless to say, has absolutely no interest in such games and just has a lay down, looking completely bored.....

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Wiggle - Day 458

Wiggle and Sir H have been taking things easy today, while I've been busy getting on with stuff around the house. While we were out this morning, Sir H got a thorough brushing as he's moulting and getting rather woolly! He quite likes it but always ends up on his back, wanting his tummy rubbed. Wiggle loves being brushed and now seems to be having his first proper moult. Strange to think that not so long ago, he didn't have much fur to brush!

After our walk and grooming session, Wiggle got in the sunny spot but could only manage a half hearted chew on his tennis ball:

Eyes are closing.....

And snooze!

Sir H could just about keep his eyes open....

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Wiggle - Day 457

We've been up on the Downs this evening, but as you can see, Sir H wasn't looking especially happy about it....

Wiggle, however, was overjoyed to have all that space to run around. So run, he did!

Giving me the "throw the ball" stare...

More running:

Blurry, waggy tail!

Sir H was looking rather bored by it all...

Wiggle had no time to get bored, not when there was a ball to chase!

Sir H did move - to roll around:

Thankfully Wiggle wasn't rolling, as if he is, it's usually in something vile!

Sir H, giving a good snooty expression:

And a little video of Sir H, rolling around, happy as Sir H can be....

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Wiggle - Day 453

Wiggle has been in a silly mood this evening, after finding his spongey ball in the garden. He started off by having a little chew....

And then spent some quality time boinging around with the ball:

Once Wiggle decided that he'd boinged enough, he settled down for a good chew, tearing the spongey ball apart and spitting bits out!

Needless to say, Wiggle left me to clear up the bits of the ball scattered all over the garden.....