Thursday, 30 April 2009

Wiggle - Day 316

Wiggle is perfect!

Well, he's the perfect weight for his build. We've been to the vets today as Sir H was due his vaccination booster. While we were there, Wiggle got on the scales as I had been worried a few weeks back that he was looking a little too well. The good news is that he's gone from's down to 33.2kg's, and after being checked over by the vet, declared as a perfect weight.

Sir H had a checkover too, and is absolutely fine. His weight is also about right, especially for a dog so inactive!

Even though we'd been for a walk on the Downs before we went to the vets, Wiggle was still very boingy and wanted to say hello to everyone. Even though he didn't actually having anything done today, he still got a treat!

In other news, Wiggle now has his own fan page on Facebook. To find Wiggle on Facebook, just search for Wiggle the Dog.

Hopefully it will be another way to highlight the fantastic work of LRSE&C in getting Wiggle to be the picture of health that he is today.

We've sold a few raffle tickets for the Bowood Show, which is great news. As Wiggle is still on medication, every little helps, especially when there are other dogs with LRSE&C who also need veterinary treatment.

If you missed the details of how to win tickets to the show, there's more info here:

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Wiggle - Day 315

As I finished nights this morning and had a shorter sleep, we headed off to the Downs this afternoon for our walk. Sir H was dawdling, although I suspect hoping to gain extra speed using ear-power!

Wiggle just wanted to play ball:

Sir H, taking things at his own pace:

There's no slow pace for Wiggle!

He only stops to wait for me to throw the ball:

Sir H picked up his pace, although that was probably less intentional and more likely due to the downhill direction of the path we took!

Sir H stopped to admire the view:

While Wiggle was still running around with his ball...

Sir H, in his preferred position

While Wiggle was still pouncing on the ball:

Sir H did move - to have a roll in the grass!

Wiggle in the sunshine:

And with the wind in his ears!

Two happy, handsome boys:

Wiggle is not so happy now that we're home - he's had his bath! He still has them every couple of weeks yet still sulks after!

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Wiggle - Day 314

I've been working nights so the boys have been having a quiet few days. Wiggle still thinks he'll be allowed up on the bed with me if he sits staring at me for long enough, but when I tell hin he's not joining me, he goes off downstairs in a sulk!

Sir H is going to the vets later this week for his booster so Wiggle will be coming along too, just so I can check his weight. I think he's lost a little but that could just be my imagination!

I saw a news report yesterday from the RSPCA saying that the credit crunch was affecting pets too. Sadly, the number of animals abandoned in England and Wales has increased hugely, up by 57%.

Very sad news indeed, especially as the RSPCA is only one rehoming charity - there are hundreds of smaller rescues out there, like LRSE&C, who are also having dogs given up to them......

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Wiggle - Day 312

I was at work yesterday and popped into town for my lunch break. I met a couple of lady's from Greyhound Rescue West of England who with Maya, a beautiful black Greyhound girl, were doing a street collection.

Maya was being a great ambassador for her breed - typically gentle and loving the fuss from passers-by.

This morning, Wiggle and Sir H have been enjoying the sunshine. Sir H decided he wanted his breakfast alfresco while Wiggle was full of beans, wanting to play.

My mum won a toy for Wiggle in the recent Refuge auction and along with the rope toy, he also received a Loofadog toy. Usually Wiggle doesn't like toys that make strange noises but he's been boinging around, squeaking the toy and mostly being a bit of a loon!

Friday, 24 April 2009

Wiggle - Day 310

I've been at work the last couple of days but now the days are getting longer, we've been able to have our walks in the daylight. The boys have had a VERY busy time, as you can see from these photo's taken via the webcam:

Apart from the dog walker coming in and taking Wiggle & Sir H out, they don't really move much! Wiggle sometimes changes position and Sir H was spotted yesterday getting off the sofa and going to his bed, but that's about as exciting as it gets. I think it's safe to say they don't mind being left.....

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Wiggle & Bowood Dog Show!

Wiggle has a very special fundraiser lined up - a raffle to win tickets to the Bowood Dog Show & Summer Fair!

The dog show at beautiful Bowood has been running for a few years now and each year, it's a great day out. Two years ago, my darling Bumpy was a runner up in the Wiltshire's Top Dog competition and attending the show has become an annual event for me.

This year, the dog show committee have very kindly donated two pairs of tickets for the show. Raffle tickets are now being sold for £1 each. Here's how to enter:

Payment for raffle tickets can be made via PayPal to: (a little extra to cover fee's would be appreciated!)

Via our Just Giving page at:

To pay by cheque or postal order, please email us at or use the contact form here on the blog.

If paying via PayPal or Just Giving, please email the confirmation to so I can allocate your raffle tickets to you. Please remember to include your name and address!

The draw for raffle tickets will take place at the end of May and the tickets will be sent directly to the winners.

All funds raised via raffle ticket sales will go directly to helping Wiggle and the other dogs who need special care from LRSE&C.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Wiggle - Day 307

The boys had a quiet day yesterday, resting after their action packed weekend. Apart from our morning and evening walks, they spent most of the day enjoying the sunshine in the garden.

Today, we've been across the fields for a walk and to play fetch. Wiggle loves being out in the sunshine, sniffing out interesting smells....

It's Wiggle's profile photo, but this time the April 2009 version!

More happy running!

Sir H, doing his own thing, horizontally...

My two handsome boys:

Wiggle, happy, handsome hound:

Looking very glossy in the sunshine!

Almost catching the ball:

Bringing the ball back to me

About to pounce on the ball:

Both Wiggle and Sir H are now sleeping, waiting for their dinner!

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Wiggle - Day 305

Today we all headed off to South Wales to meet up with friends for a walk on the beach at Ogmore by Sea. The weather was beautiful so we couldn't have had a better day for our walk.

Sir H headed for the sea and started off with a wallow:

Wiggle was chasing his ball around in the sea:

Soon Wiggle was playing with his new friend, Kevin:

Soggy Wiggle:

Wiggle in the water, with Riley paddling:

Lots of dogs!

Wiggle, with his ball and some attractive dribble!

My boys, heading off in different directions:

Mindy and all the Labs

Wiggle & Riley, wall chasing buddies:

Sian, mum to Riley and Kevin, being mugged for treats:

Noah, running around in the sunshine:

Kevin, Wiggle & Riley:

Sir H, underwhelmed, as usual!

Wiggle & Riley, again

We really have had a lovely weekend, seening lots of friends and having great walks. All the dogs got on brilliantly and Wiggle & Sir H haven't moved much since we got home this afternoon!