Friday, 30 April 2010

Wiggle - Day 680

What with one thing and another, today's blog entry is running rather late!

I've been out to see a dog this evening so Wiggle and Sofy had their walk as soon as I got home. Thankfully the rain today was while I was at work, so we'd had dry and bright walks morning and evening.

Wiggle and Sofy wanted to play ballgames:

But had a rest from play, concentrating on snffing....

Sofy does her best Sit & Wait for a Treat after being A Good Girl for Coming Back:

Wiggle gets sidetracked so Sofy gets the ball:

Ready to go again:

And once again, something gets Wiggle's attention more than the ball!

But its too late by the time Wiggle decides that he does want to play....

Back at home this evening, Sir H has been showing off his best Alien Eyes!

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Wiggle - Day 679

Our run of good weather came to an end today, despite getting off to a good start. After a nice walk in the sunshine this morning, this afternoon the rain set in and we had a rather soggy walk this evening.

The weather didn't put us off though although we stuck to pavements rather than getting muddy in the field. I don't know that Wiggle and Sofy particularly mind and after a rub down with towels, they've spent most of their evening on the sofa.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Wiggle - Day 678

This evening we went walking across the fields. We're lucky that we only have to cross over the road by our house and then we've got fields to walk in. We didn't have a route planned, but just followed paths, across the first field, then another, then followed the path of the stream and so on.

Wiggle and Sofy sniffed out interesting smells:

Then Wiggle led the way towards the stream

There wasn't much water in the stream - I think its more of a brook really! We kept walking and when we got alongside the sheep, Wiggle and Sofy had their leads back on, just to be on the safe side!

Watching the sheep as the sun starts to go down:

Sheep and lambs in the field:

Catching the last of the evening sun:

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Wiggle - Day 677

Wiggle and Sofy have been having fun in the garden this evening, playing with toys. Tonight it was the turn of Green Froggy to die at the teeth and paws of Wiggle.

It started with some whapping:

Meanwhile, Sofy was whapping the blue Kong Wubba:

BAD Green Froggy was still in one piece, while Wiggle and Sofy played tuggy games:

But after Wiggle was a gentleman and let Sofy win, he turned his attention back to Green Froggy:

Chew, chew...... rip!

Amputation had started:

A brief game of flingy with the Wubba:

Followed by jumping games:

Then getting down to some serious chewing.....

It didn't take long before Green Froggy's inside was ripped out - and grabbed by Sofy!

Wiggle reclaimed all the bodyparts of Green Froggy:

"Do I regret my actions? No, absolutely not!"

Monday, 26 April 2010

Wiggle - Day 676

After spending most of his day lounging around on the sofa, catching up on sleep and generally getting over his weekend, Wiggle has spent some time this evening, keeping up with his lovely girlfriend, LucytheLab....

Obviously the time difference is a slight problem but no doubt when he's sleeping, Wiggle dreams of winning the lottery and flying over to Seattle to see his best girl!

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Wiggle - Day 675

Today Wiggle and Sofy had a playdate planned - with their pal Barney!

We'd arranged to meet up at the Cotswold Water Park and although we'd had rain overnight, we were lucky with the weather for our walk.

Once out of the car, Wiggle and Sofy didn't waste time in getting wet!

And before long, Barney was also making a splash:

Barney and Sofy:

Practising their formation swimming:

Sofy says: "Where did the boys go?"

Silly Sofy - shaking while in the water is not really very productive!

Barney, swimming for shore:

Wiggle and Sofy:

The boys run ahead:

But before long, they were back in the water:

Barney, paddling like a good dog!

Soggy boys:

All three:

Barney does the ShakeyShake!

The boys chase Sofy who had the ball:

Sofy found a decaying bird of unknown description and had a good roll, so I was very pleased to get her back in the water!

Poking her tongue out - probably cross that she didn't smell of decomposing avian anymore!

Barney, leaping out of the lake:

Sofy is surrounded!

The boys tactic payed off and Wiggle got the ball:

Back on dry land, the boys were running around.

Wiggle runs ahead:

And then comes back as Barney takes pole position:

After a stop for coffee, Sofy wraps up in a towel to dry off:

We had a lovely walk and timed it just right as there were very dark clouds as we were leaving.