Friday, 30 September 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,198

Wiggle and Sofy have had a normal sort of a day, walking in the morning, napping, then playing out this evening. In an effort to start his diet, Wiggle has only had two little treats so was trying to look all sad and starving as he half-heartedly chewed on a toy.

Sofy was looking quite serious, which makes a change. Maybe she was thinking about how good she'd been yesterday when Wiggle and I went to the vet as it was the first time since she's lived here that I had left her all alone.

I wasn't sure whether Sofy would be upset or worried to be left, but as I was getting Wiggle's collar and lead on, I had given Sofy a couple of chewy sticks and we'd slipped out of the house while she was chewing.

We'd ended up being nearly an hour so when I pulled up outside the house, was half expecting to hear barking or some sign that Sofy wasn't impressed by being left. But in fact, I got out of the car, up to the front door and looked through to see Sofy sitting in the living room!

She greeted Wiggle like he had been gone forever, excitedly wiggling and wagging, taking in the smells of the vet and where he'd been. There's not usually a reason to leave either of them on their own, but its good to know that Sofy wasn't at all upset or distressed. And didn't sulk at us too much!

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,197

After all the fun and excitement of Wiggle's birthday yesterday, this evening he went to see the vet for his annual vaccination booster and check-up.

We had to wait to go in, so Wiggle did his best to charm the receptionist, Anne, to see if he could get a little treat:

Sure enough, Anne couldn't resist and Wiggle got a tasty little treat:

We saw Malcolm the vet and Wiggle had a thorough check over. His heart rate was good and after some manipulation of his joints, Malcolm said that Wiggle is doing pretty good for a 9 year old Lab.

While we were there, Wiggle went on the scales and has gained since last time he was weighed - going from 33.5kg's to 36.5kg's today! That said, Malcolm didn't think Wiggle was fat, but did say it wouldn't hurt for him to lose a kilo or two. No more pizza for Wiggle!

We also talked about the Atopica dose and we're going to try and reduce it. Currently Wiggle has one 50mg capsule every other day, so we've ordered some 25mg capsules to alternatate with the 50mg. Wiggle's skin is so much better and as Malcolm said, he has a glossy coat and his fur is now soft, compared to the course hair he used to have. Once we get the new capsules, Wiggle will have one 25mg one day, a day without, then 50mg the next day, a day without and so on. Hopefully, Wiggle will be fine but we will have to wait and see.

All in all, I'm very happy with the checkup, Wiggle was happy with the treats, so its all good!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Happy 9th Birthday Wiggle!

Today we're celebrating Wiggle's 9th birthday!

After I'd had a busy couple of days at work, with early starts and late finishes, coming home to feed Wiggle and Sofy in between, this afternoon I finished early. As for the last two days we'd walked in the dark, morning and evening, it was especially nice to get back early as we've had a warm, sunny day.

Wiggle was happy too, taking his Nylabone outside to chew:

Then it was time for Wiggle to open his birthday gifts:

Wiggle was so excited with the parcel from his love, LucytheLab, that he grabbed the parcel and took it outside!
Between the two of them Wiggle and Sofy opened the parcel, with Sofy finding Little Yellow Man! A close relative of Little Green Man:

Wiggle had been busy shredding the wrapping paper, but when he realised that Sofy had HIS gift, he wanted it back:

Wiggle pounced on the Little Yellow Man:

Wiggle decided he needed to give Little Yellow Man a chew:

Silly smiling, smirking face!

"Thank You Lucy! I loves my Little Yellow Man almost as much as I loves you!"

Wiggle still had another parcel to open, this time it was Blue Ducky! A gift from Sue and family and Wiggle was so excited, he didn't even wait for me to pull the label off!

Sofy got her Pink Ducky so she could join in the play:

Being greedy, Sofy tried to play with both the ducks:

A short game of tuggy:

After all that play, Wiggle and Sofy had a little rest, then a nice walk in the evening sun. Wiggle and Sofy both did lots of running, enjoying themselves before coming home for Wiggle's birthday treat - pizza!

As far as they were concerned, the pizza was very nommy so understandably, they were almost too quick for photo's!

Sofy, under the shadow of a pizza slice!

After all that excitement, Wiggle and Sofy are now both fast asleep, worn out from Wiggle's lovely birthday...

Monday, 26 September 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,194

Wiggle is feeling very pleased with himself after finding a tennis ball on our way back from our walk. After he'd noticed the discarded tennis ball, Wiggle sniffed it, decided he was going to claim it and then carried it home.

Once home, Wiggle took the ball to his bed:

Probably feeling tired after lots of running in the field, Wiggle was happy to roll the ball around, sniffing to find out who else had played with it:

Sniffing over, Wiggle lay in his bed, content, chewing.....

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,193

As it will be Wiggle's 9th birthday this week, I was looking through photo's, comparing then and now.

More recently I've noticed that Wiggle is getting a sprinkling of distinguished grey around his face:

To me, Black Lab's with grey muzzles are the MOST handsome!

A photo I'd taken this time 3 years ago, just a fine covering of grey:

And a photo I'd taken on Wiggle's 6th birthday, one of my favourites:

Friday, 23 September 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,191

We've had a lovely day here, although this morning we were up early and out walking while it was still dark. This evening, after their dinner and before our walk, Wiggle and Sofy spent some time out in the garden playing with their new toys:

As Wiggle hasn't opened his birthday gifts yet, they were playing with Sofy's new toys, starting with her pink duck:

Sofy lay, making the ducky squeak, so Wiggle spent time with the green man:

Sofy's ducky was still squeaking, while Wiggle did some horizontal whapping, going this way:

And whapping the other way:

Wiggle did some up-whapping moves too:

Poor green man, all smiley and happy, while Wiggle nibbled his hand:

Sofy did some flinging too:

Then it was time to swap toys:

Sofy likes green man as he also squeaks when bitten:

Soon though, Wiggle was getting into shredding-mode, so it was time for the toys to have a little rest:

Pink duck, now slightly less plump:

Green man, looking slightly more intact, but still very jolly!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,190

Wiggle and Sofy have had a lot of excitement this evening - opening their parcel from LucytheLab!

Lucy had Tweeted to let Sofy know that she had a gift in the parcel so they didn't have to wait until Wiggle's birthday next week to open their mail.

Wiggle had a little look and sniff at his gift, before it was hidden away until next week:

Sofy was keen to get her gift opened:

"Thank you Lucy!!"

Sofy likes her new toy (and even had some strange eye thing going on!):

Wiggle was VERY excited about the Pupcakes:

"Thank you Lucy for our gifts! We loves you Lucy!"

Wiggle, just before nomming on a tasty little pupcake:

Thank you Lucy, Wiggle and Sofy send Labbie licks X!XX!X

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Wiggle - Day 1,189

When I was sorting out the photo's from the Dogs Party the other day, I couldn't help but giggle at the pictures that I'd taken as Helen and I had attempted to get Bert, Barney, Ebble, Wiggle and Sofy all lined up.

We thought they were all lined up, nice and tidy, but then Ebble got up:

After repositioning, Ebble moved again, out of shot, with Wiggle also on the move!

All sitting again, Ebble couldn't sit still (but then she is still a baby, so we forgave her):

At last, they were all still and in place, so Barney celebrated by giving Wiggle a kiss:

All still, all facing me - except Ebble!

So, although I'd posted the 'good' photo's, it just goes to show it can take a few attempts to get a perfect Labbie line-up!

Wiggle has exciting news today - a parcel! All the way from Seattle, USA, from his lovely girlfriend, Lucy. But Wiggle will have to wait, as we suspect there might be a birthday gift in the parcel and it's not Wiggle's birthday until next Wednesday.....