Sunday, 22 October 2017

Ziggy - W/E 22nd October 2017

Another week goes by and Ziggy is still bald and itchy.  He's been back to the vets this week for skin scrapings and tests as he hasn't been responding to the current medication and by now he should be growing more fur.

We have antibiotics for a week to make sure there is no underlying infection and then back to see the vet at the end of next week to decide what treatment is next for Ziggy.  In himself, he is a happy, affectionate boy but despite being bathed every 3 days and medication, he chews and scratches a lot still.

This weekend though he has been busy trying to woo the Labbie he has decided is the girl of his dreams - Lilly:

Ziggy has met Lilly before when he has been to work with me but this weekend she is staying with us and he has decided that he loves her very much.  Despite his best efforts, she isn't falling for his charms but he keeps trying to win her affection, giving her little kisses and following her around.

After very muddy and windy walks yesterday this morning we made the most of the sunny morning and went up to the Downs.  


Ziggy will be quite sad when Lilly goes back to her family on Tuesday but I'm sure they will see each other again soon.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Where did the time go?

Somehow it is nearly 2 months since Ziggy arrived.  In that time it's been the first anniversary of saying goodbye to my special boy, Wiggle and Sofy has celebrated her 12th birthday.

Ziggy has been settling into life with us and destroying a lot of toys:

He's been to Maud Heath:

Ziggy still needs to grow a lot more fur to cover his bald area's but he is very good about having a bath every three days and hops into the tub when I ask him.  He likes being wrapped up in Wiggle's soft towelling robe after:

Ziggy has been to work with me and enjoyed playing with Lilly's toys:

He's really hoping to get some more fur soon, since we are heading towards winter:

Ziggy loves going to the Downs for a run, especially when its sunny:

Sometimes its good to stop, sit and soak up the sun:

And when there's no sun, a coat to keep dry in the rain:

Even though he has been here for nearly two months, he was in such a poor condition that  Ziggy has a long way to go.  He's now vaccinated, having to start from the beginning as he had not had any boosters after his puppy vaccinations, he's been castrated, wormed and flea treated and is back to the vets again this week to review his medication for his allergies.

There are a lot of similarities between him and Wiggle, but mostly that Ziggy is a really lovely boy.

LRSE&C are taking care of Ziggy's medical bills and rely on donations so please consider helping if you can via the JustGiving page.