Sunday, 18 October 2015

Wiggle - Day 2,692

We're feeling very autumnal in our part of the world and yesterday Sofy and I walked into town, kicking up leaves on our way.  Sofy was especially happy when she found a wall to jump up on:

Wiggle stayed home because he wouldn't have managed the walk but he's happy and has been keeping warm and snuggly, wrapped up in his blankie:

Sofy has been resting in the armchair:

Once the sun was up, Wiggle made sure he was laying in the best place:

He came out in the garden with me while I did some work, although he didn't bother to play with his giant tennis ball:

My handsome boy:

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Wiggle - Day 2,678

Wiggle has been taking it easy for most of the weekend and most of the week, for that matter.  His happiest day is still Thursday because that's when he goes for his hydrotherapy which he loves.

Something else that Wiggle really loves is his cuddles and when I lay on the floor with him, talking to him and giving him tons of fuss.  No matter how slow Wiggle is, he never tires of cuddles!

We drove to the field earlier where Sofy was feeling perky: 

Wiggle had his tennis ball (of course!):

Happy boy:

My best boy: