Thursday, 31 May 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,442

After all the warm days, we had a sunny but cooler start to our morning so Wiggle and Sofy took the opportunity after our walk to do some sunbathing:

By the evening, the sun had been replaced by cloud, but Wiggle didn't notice and was busy chewing on his ring toy:

The toy did have 4 balls on it, but now there's only one left!

I made merginue earlier, and guess who got to lick the bowl......?!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,440

This evening Wiggle decided he would help in the garden and found the hand-fork:

Now while it was very nice of him to want to help me, I had to explain to Wiggle that a garden tool is not the safest toy, so instead he settled down to chew on his ring toy... while Sofy chewed on a small lump of earth!

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,438

Wiggle and Sofy were happy that I woke up just after six this morning and decided to boing around rather than let me get any more sleep.  So they had an early breakfast and then went back to sleep, leaving me to get on with chores.  I needed to go to the hardware store so on the way home, we stopped at Maude Heath

Wiggle and Sofy thought they needed cowpoop snacks for brunch:

Even though it was only just after 10am, the day was heating up alread:

Rather than let them get too hot, we didn't stay up at Maude Heath for too long.

I had some work to do in the garden, pulling out a plant that was doing its best to take over the garden.  Sofy didn't care that she was going to get buried by the plant!

Wiggle was being more sensible, laying in the shade:

Much to Wiggle's disgust, I'd washed his beds so once his bed was back in its covered and nicely plumped, he spent some time trying to get it to smell like him again:

Then he was on the other bed when I gave him a strawberry.  Wiggle looked somewhat confused:

"Hmm.. quite nice, any more?"

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,437

Another warm and sunny day here so we were up early and across in the field before it got too warm.  Wiggle was running ahead:

And running in the longer grass which was still damp from the morning dew:

Sitting in the sunshine:

Sofy was boinging, back paws off the ground:

Next throw and she also had a rather large clump of grass in the mouth with the ball!

Once Wiggle had the ball, he was back in the long grass:

Sofy was fastest to me, even though Wiggle had the ball:

Next throw, and it was Sofy's turn with the ball, miuns the grass:

Back home, sunbathing while I did some work in the garden:

Sleepy Wiggle:

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,435

Wiggle has had a bath this evening.  He wasn't all that happy about it, but as the grass has got so long in the fields after all the rain, its the time of year when he starts to get itchier, so the time had come for him to get in the tub.  And look woeful:

Once his Malaseb bath was done, he was straight outside to woogle on the grass:

Wagging and woogling:

Then some leaping:

And boinging around:

After calming down, Wiggle was looking less unhappy:

Once he was in his towelling robe, Wiggle resumed his woeful expression:

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,434

We had a beautiful day here, warm and sunny and our walk this morning was clear and bright.  As we walked to the field, 4 swans flew overhead:

Once in the field, Wiggle and Sofy followed the path:

Heads down, sniffing and chewing the grass:

Wiggle finished chewing and did some running:

Sofy and her dewy face:

Then it was home for breakfast and a nap....

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Wiggle - Day 1,433

We've had a lovely sunny day here today and this evening, I had arranged a playdate for Wiggle and Sofy with Dexter and my friend Georgie.

We met near the park in town and walked to the river - Wiggle and Dexter didn't hesitate in getting wet!

Wiggle watching the ball flying through the air:

Dexter found a stick:

Two black boys, splashing around:

Sofy soon joined the boys in the water:

Making a BIG splash!

We walked on through the fields, following the river and found a quiet spot which was less muddy.  The water was deeper in places, so Dexter was swimming:

After what she is calling "a near death experience" when she went in but chose a steep part of the riverbank and couldn't get out, Sofy was a little wary of going back in the river:

Wiggle was sending some encouraging thoughts to Sofy:

All 3, waiting to jump in after the ball:

Swimming together:



Sofy found a part of the river which wasn't as deep:

Swimming in formation, just before it was time to walk back to the cars: