Saturday, 22 November 2008

Wiggle - Day 157

This morning the boys and I went on a new walk. I'd seen signs for a place called Jubilee Lake but never stopped there, however as I was going over to my parents, and the lake was on the way, we stopped there for a walk.

It's not the biggest lake but the boys still had a good time.

Wiggle, with his tennis ball (of course!) was quick to explore

He soon saw that there was water in the distance

Sir H soon caught up and was heading for the water

I think the boys must have decided the water looked too cold, or a bit deep, so decided not to go in!

Wiggle waited for me to throw the ball while Sir H sniffs things

Being the dirt magnet that he is, Wiggle was happy to find some muddy ground to run around in

Wiggle runs after his ball....

... while Sir H sniffs some very interesting plants

Wiggle, waiting for me to throw the ball. Yet again

Time to walk on and more exploring

Sir H was still sniffing, while Wiggle still wanted to play ball!

Wiggle performs his acrobatics. Sir H is oblivious....

Sir H watches the ducks:

But Wiggle takes no notice - not while I have his tennis ball!

Sir H found an interesting lump of earth

But Wiggle was too busy exploring still, tennis ball in mouth

Soon after we headed back to the car and on to my parents. Wiggle and Sir H got lots of fuss and my dad and Sir H compared notes on their poorly feet!

Tomorrow will be another fun day for the boys as we are off to Barton Park in Bradford on Avon again to meet up with friends for a walk. Expect more photos tomorrow.

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