Saturday, 18 July 2009

Wiggle - Day 394, Sir H is Home!

Sir H is home!!

I called the vets this morning to get an update and they said Sir H had perked up after a good night's sleep and although still on the drip at that time, could come home this afternoon. When I went to get him, he came bouncing out to see me - a completely different dog to the one who'd collapsed yesterday.

We're back at the vets Monday evening, just to see how he's doing and although I've been given the Metacam and Tramadol for Sir H's HD and Spondylosis, I've got to wait until the vet says Sir H can have the new meds.

Sir H seemed very pleased to be home and spent some time out in the garden, getting some fresh air:

After a light supper of chicken and rice and some more sleeping, I took the boys up to the Downs. It seemed a good idea as once we're out of the car, Sir H didn't have to walk too far but could still get out and sniff some new smells.

Wiggle, as usual, was happy to run around and chase after his ball on a rope:

While Sir H took things a little easier:

Wiggle just wanted to play:

And look a bit cheeky!

Sir H, hopefully happier than he looked!

Showing off his bald patches after being shaved at the vets:

And an upright Sir H:

Here's a little video of Wiggle and his ball:

Sir H is now settled down for the night and fingers crossed, will catch up on some more sleep and not have any more scary moments!


Teagan said...

It's good to see Sir H out and about looking 'happy' or is that just bemused while he watches Wiggle bounding around. Wiggle is looking very handsome indeed as usual. Big love & hugs from Teagan x x

Melita (Woof Beginnings) said...

So pleased that Sir H is back home with you and Wiggle.
He certainly had us worried.
Great to see Wiggle looking so fit and healthy and enjoying his ball on a rope.
Hope you all have a good night.
Hugs all round.