Saturday, 11 July 2009

Wiggle - Day 387 - Witney Carnival

Wiggle and I have had a lovely day at the Witney Carnival, helping out on the LRSE&C stall.

After a sellotape coming un-stuck emergency this morning with the display board, I found I had some cellophane and managed to cover Wiggle's information so it lasted the day! Here's Wiggle, ready to meet and greet:

The weather stayed dry and bright, which definitely made for a nicer day. The stall had a big tombola which hopefully once Fiona has counted up the takings will have made lots of money for Lab Rescue. We met lots of lovely people and Wiggle was on his best behaviour, although I suspect that was as he loves all the fuss and attention.

For being such a good boy, Wiggle had ice cream before we left for home and he's now worn out from all that socialising and snoring gently on the sofa.....


Anonymous said...

Glad u had a good day Wiggle, I have a black lab with skin cond. 2 how did you clear yours up, I am also baldy dog !

Thank you,


Melita (Woof Beginnings) said...

Pleased you all had a good day and the weather stayed fine.
What a great ambassador Wiggle is for LRSE&C.
You must be so proud of him :0)