Saturday, 1 May 2010

Wiggle - Day 681

Wiggle got mail!

We had a card left by the postman, addressed to Wiggle the Dog, to say there was an item at the post office which didn't didn't fit in our mailbox. So, this morning, Wiggle, Sofy and I took a walk into the town to visit the mail sorting office....

As soon as we were home, Wiggle was keen to get the parcel open:

And it contained some very fab things! Dog biscuits with special dog-safe chocolate, a card and a really lovely special collar!

The parcel was from Wiggle's pal, MrKiplingWoof who lives in California!

Avid readers of this blog will know that MrKipling's Auntie Ellie and her human have met Wiggle a couple of times now and Auntie Ellie's human kindly brought the parcel home to post.

Thank you Mr Kiping and Auntie Ellie's mum!

The collar is fantastic and Wiggle is going to save it for 'best' for when he goes to events as ambassador for LRSE&C:

The collar was a perfect fit and looks good on Wiggle:

Wiggle was keen to try the cookies but was a good boy and shared, so everyone had a little each:

Sir H was VERY excited at the nommy cookie!

After that tasty little treat, Sir H lay down for some sunbathing:

Meanwhile, Sofy was rolling around in the sun:

But then told Wiggle a secret. I have no idea what - they're not telling!

Secret passed on, Sofy rolled this way:

And that way:

Wiggle was in the mood to play:

Chewing on something........

It's the last remaining bit of Green Froggy!

Smiley, sunny boy:

Sofy and Wiggle had a little boingy play, which involved some rarr-rarring at each other and bouncing around. Somehow, Wiggle managed to get an ouchie - I have no idea what or how, but he came running to me while I was sitting on patio and needed a cuddle. On me!

Sofy tries her best to look innocent and takes no responsibility for Wiggle's ouchie!

Wiggle would like to say a big, big thank you to Mr Kipling for the lovely gifts!


Lucy the Lab said...

What a nice present from Mr Kipling! It looks so good on my handsome boy, too! And nommy cookies for all, yum!
Love, your best girl,
Lucy the Lab

Annie said...

Dear Wiggle, Sofy and Sir H. What a very exciting day you have! You will never believe it! Teagan, Tartan Terriers, Ruffles, Bertie and lots more of us have all been tweeting about 'collars' today (and 'shopping' BOL)! Then, you have the most exciting parcel arrive with such a BEAUTIFUL and SMART collar inside! What an honour! And so deserved because you and your human are the best ambassadors I have ever ever met for LRSE&C. Have a lovely evening. Lot of Westie Kisses. AnnieBella

FerFer1958 said...

how much fun was that?
Those cookies might have caused all that rolling.
Sofy's face asking for more cookies is impressive.
any news about the 'secret' they share? :)
Wiggle and his ouchie is amazing. Just like a little kid looking for love, and in that household that is nothing in short supply xox
Sofy looks very innocent... I don't think she had anything to do with the ouchie.