Thursday, 7 May 2020

Life in Lockdown

Sorry for the lack of updates from us but to be honest, with being in lockdown due to Covid-19 there is not a lot to report!

We take our daily exercise locally, to the fields across the road:

Ziggy works on his head tilts which are very cute

I've had to increase Ziggy's steroids as this is the worst time of year for him

He is allergic to 8 different types of grass

But fortunately, with Malaseb baths every 3 days and increased meds, the itching is under control

Ziggy isn't one for chasing a ball or playing fetch games, but he does like to potter about

And sleep.  He likes to sleep and sometimes Lula likes to lay with him

A few weeks ago he found a dead rat in the field and rolled on it

But of course he gets away with any kind of naughty behaviour

We've been lucky and had some really good weather while we've been staying at home

Although snoozing is not weather dependant

Always happy

It's true, Life is better with a Labrador!

Ziggy has been helpy in the garden:

Rest stop during out walk at Maud Heath after going to the vets to collect his medication

Just so cute and so happy!

Woogling in the sunshine

Lockdown would not be the same without this happy boy to keep me company!

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Dodgy_Coder said...

Ziggy looks like he's doing well. What sort of medications do you use to stop the itching? Is it steroids, or another anti-allergy type medication? I had a west highland terrier a while ago who had a similar condition, we used steroids but they were never really fully effective for him.