Saturday, 19 June 2010

Wiggle - Day 729

This afternoon we went up to the Downs for a good run around and play. It's not as warm today but at least it stayed dry!

Sofy's turn with the ball:

An important part of any dogs walk is leaving and replying to 'peemail'. Wiggle's girlfriend, Lucy the Lab left peemail yesterday:

Sofy's face in this photo made me laugh:

More running, this time the sun was out:

As always, taking it in turns with the ball:

Who's going to get the ball?



My handsome, happy Wiggle....


Lucy the Lab said...

I got your peemail, my love! Did you get mine? Let's not tell the humans what we said - after all, it's just between us.
Sofy's poking her tongue out, BOL, but I notice she got the ball plenty of times! And you look so handsome & muscular, my love. I think you must be the handsomest Lab in the world.
Love, your best girl,
Lucy the Lab xox

FerFer1958 said...

fantastic pictures.
Sofy and her tongue out = hilarious.
In one picture Wiggle is running and he is in completely in the air.
They want the ball but they don't care if the other one catches the ball... such nice doggies. People should behave like that.