Sunday, 17 May 2009

Wiggle - Day 333

We didn't manage to avoid the lashing rain so this afternoon, after getting myself dressed head-to-toe in waterproofs, we went up to Maude Heath for a walk. I didn't bother with the camera as there was no way I'd have kept it dry! And sure enough, while we were walking the sky turned dark and the rain belted down.

Needless to say, Wiggle enjoys his walks, no matter the weather. He did lots of running after his ball, skidding around in the wet grass. Sir H pottered, managed not to wallow in muddy puddles and the pair of them snacked on cow poo when they thought I wasn't looking. Lovely!

Wiggle was due a bath so he's had one since we got back and is now wrapped up in his towelling dressing gown, drying off.

Doesn't he look impressed?!

When he eats, Wiggle often manages to get food on the tips of his ears but today he went one step better and managed to get a dollop of food on his head. I've no idea how but cleaned it off for him.

Sam from Dogstar has been texting me while she's in Sri Lanka. Good news is that Bumpy has been neutered and is recovering well from the operation. Wiggle, the little pup, has had his vaccinations along with his siblings. You can read how they are doing in Sam's Dogblog:

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