Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Wiggle - Day 559

This evening Wiggle has been playing with his Nina Ottosson interactive dog toy that I got him for Christmas. I found the toy when we were at Discover Dogs, on the Company of Animals stand ( )

The idea is that I hide a treat in the hole, cover it with the removable bone and then Wiggle has to find the treat. We started off nice and easy, with the treat in the hole:

Then got a little harder by hiding the treat:

Clearly this had Wiggle confused!

Sir H was in bed, offering no help at all...

Then Wiggle found the treat - after nudging the bone out of the way. Well done Wiggle!

Sir H decided the Spinny toy might be something his low energy level could manage:

After a new treat was hidden, the boys decided two heads were better than one!

Sir H show's that an old dog can learn new tricks:

Wiggle has another go, having no worked out how to spin the game!

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