Thursday, 10 December 2009

Wiggle - Day 539

Last night Wiggle was naughty.....

I'd decorated the Christmas tree and while I was hanging baubles, Wiggle didn't show any interest and snoozed on the sofa. Once the tree was done, Wiggle sniffed the tree, but then took a particular interest in one decoration:

Something about this one decoration seemed to fascinate Wiggle and he sat for ages, staring....

While I popped into the kitchen, Wiggle decided he needed to free the decoration from its position, hanging in the tree!

And then proceeded to have a little chew!

Wiggle tried his best Face of Innocence but the evidence was there, right between his paws:

The decoration is now safely away from Wiggle's reach but I still have no idea what it was about that one that he liked. Thankfully today he's left the tree alone, hopefully saving his energy for learning as we have school this evening.


Baked said...

Well, it looked like a little toy that needed to be whapped, BOL!
Telepathic message from your favorite girl, Lucy the Lab
(whose mom is typing this from the office)

Heart of Texas said...

You just know that Sir H put it there ;) No way could sweet & innocent Wiggle do that ;)