Sunday, 12 August 2018

Ziggy's First Gotcha Day


On this Sunday last year, LRSE&C south east Co-Ordinator Derek drove Ziggy all the way from Kent to bring a foster dog to me who needed a place to stay where he could be cared for and get treatment for his skin problems.

When he arrived, Ziggy came in, pee'd in the kitchen, met Sofy and had a mooch around before getting on a dog bed and tending to his itchy bits.

Before long, he had had the snip, started to settle in and start seeing the vet to get treatment started on his skin problems.

In the early days, there were subtle clues that he was going to a little, erm, special...

But he was always happy and enjoyed all the new things he did and places we went.

He met Lilly, who he wishes would be his girlfriend.  She's playing hard to get.

He's had special baths, as often as every 3 days and every time. he hops into the tub and lets me rub in his special shampoo

Ziggy LOVES soft toys, in fact, all toys.  And luckily for him, his Grandyma loves him and gets him charity shop bargains that he can love before he rips their faces out and shreds them.

He's followed in Wiggle's foot steps and been the 'The Halt'

Wet weather meant clothing, but he tried not to look to unhappy about it.

His toy collection has grown:

During his treatment, poor Ziggy has got a bit better, then suffered bacterial skin infections.

As his first year has carried on, I've grown to love him even more:

Lilly has warmed up to him a little and played tuggy games with Ziggy when he has come to work:

Ziggy got to spend time with our very special friend, LucytheLab's mom Jana who visit this year 

We took Jana to the seaside and Ziggy enjoyed splashing around.

Lilly came to stay but Sofy was playing Gooseberry

As we've reached this first Gotcha Day, Ziggy's skin problems are under control and he is being treated for his allergies.  Slowly, there is some patchy new fur starting to grow.

Most of all, he is happy:

He is settled:

And he is loved:

Sunday, 5 August 2018

Birthdays, Kong's & Weather Disruption

 Today should have been a blog entry about our day at Hever Castle but sadly the hot weather spoilt our plans.  The temperatures in Kent have been over 30 DegC and we took the advice of the local LRSE&C co-ordinator's who knew the venue and said it would just be too hot.  Added to that, it would have been over 2.5hrs each way without any delays. Any other time, I'm happy to drive that distance or more but the M25 so often has delays the last thing I wanted to risk was getting stuck and Ziggy suffering as a result.

With no let up in the warm weather, daytime walks have been few and far between although we did get a couple of evenings with lovely cooling breezes so we took ourselves off to the fields next to us:

After the straw had been harvested, it was looking very bare in our fields:

Ziggy didn't care and was enjoying searching for interesting sniffs:

Evening sunshine: 

On Wednesday Ziggy celebrated his 7th birthday which meant some new toys for stuffing, which he loves:

Each day Ziggy and Sofy have a stuffed Kong when I go to work so with more, I can freeze them as well and keep them cool.

Ziggy wasted no time chewing on his Kong Wubba and soon got the squeaky ball out:

Sofy likes the new Cow-Wow and spends ages rolling it around to get the kibble out:

When Ziggy goes near, she make's sure he can't get it:

Yesterday, as Ziggy didn't get his day at the Castle, we went into town for breakfast at the cafe by the river.  Ziggy got to splash around and catch treats: 

Ziggy will only paddle still but throwing little biscuits for him encourages him to splash around in the water:

Today Ziggy and Sofy have been taking it easy, enjoying frozen yogurt cubes and lounging around.  The best way to spend a hot Sunday!

Sunday, 29 July 2018

Ziggy's Big Day Out

Ziggy has an exciting day planned next Saturday - we're going to Hever Castle in Kent for the Canines at the Castle event!

The lovely Kent volunteers for Labrador Rescue South East & Central will be there on Saturday 4th August raising funds for the rescue and promoting the amazing work the charity does.  

We are so very grateful for the support that Ziggy has received that we will be going along to help out.  We're also looking forward seeing the volunteers again who played such a big part in his rescue.

If any of our fabbie followers are going to Castle Canines or in the area, please do come along to say hello to Ziggy!

Sunday, 22 July 2018

Trying to grow fur

Ziggy is a sleepy Baldy Dog.  He's had a lot going on recently, having fun, going to work, trying to grow fur etc

Last weekend he was very busy entertaining Grandma when she came to stay, taking her into town for brunch by the river although she didn't paddle with him and Sofy.

Back on dry land before sharing our brunch and then going back in the water:

On Friday Ziggy had an appointment with his dermatologist so he came to work and got to hang out with Lilly and he loves Lilly:

After a lot of running around and playing with all the toys, Ziggy needed to sleep.

Ziggy got on really well at his vet appointment and Bridget was very pleased with his progress, telling us she thought he was looking his best yet.  The infection in his ears is mostly cleared up now and I can cut down from every other day to once a week cleaning and the same with his baths, weekly from now on.

The medication for his allergies is definitely making a big difference and Ziggy doesn't scratch too much at all now.  Which is just as well as we are so close to the fields, there's no getting away from the pollen.

Although with the hot weather, our countryside is not so green anymore although it's been really lovely going out early before the day gets too hot:

Ziggy has his 7th birthday coming up, on the 1st August and on the 13th we will celebrate his first Gotcha day.  The year has definitely gone past quickly!

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Hot Badly Dog

 Ziggy and Sofy have been trying to keep cool while the weather has been so hot.  They've mostly managed this by keeping calm and sleeping a lot!  Sofy gets herself into the paddling pool while Ziggy will paddle if I drop little cubes of cheddar cheese in for him.  

Walks have either been 6am, 9pm or not at all as it has been difficult to walk in the shade.  Some evenings I've taken him for a drive with the aircon on in the car and the windows wide open and he's loved sitting with his head up, turning this way and that to feel the wind in his ears!

Ziggy is still having his bath's every 3 or 4 days and he is starting to look very handsome and is even sporting a distinguished single grey eyelash:

We love our Baldy Dog:

Waiting for more cheese:

Little Miss Sofy with wet paws:

Sofy and Ziggy's tummy clocks wake as soon as it is light so we have been up early while it is still cool.  Being in the field at 6am is perfect for Ziggy as the sun is not too hot and the long grass is damp with dew:

The grass is now taller than Ziggy:

Sometimes I can't decide whether Ziggy is looking cute or goofy!