Thursday 7 May 2020

Life in Lockdown

Sorry for the lack of updates from us but to be honest, with being in lockdown due to Covid-19 there is not a lot to report!

We take our daily exercise locally, to the fields across the road:

Ziggy works on his head tilts which are very cute

I've had to increase Ziggy's steroids as this is the worst time of year for him

He is allergic to 8 different types of grass

But fortunately, with Malaseb baths every 3 days and increased meds, the itching is under control

Ziggy isn't one for chasing a ball or playing fetch games, but he does like to potter about

And sleep.  He likes to sleep and sometimes Lula likes to lay with him

A few weeks ago he found a dead rat in the field and rolled on it

But of course he gets away with any kind of naughty behaviour

We've been lucky and had some really good weather while we've been staying at home

Although snoozing is not weather dependant

Always happy

It's true, Life is better with a Labrador!

Ziggy has been helpy in the garden:

Rest stop during out walk at Maud Heath after going to the vets to collect his medication

Just so cute and so happy!

Woogling in the sunshine

Lockdown would not be the same without this happy boy to keep me company!

Sunday 29 March 2020

Social Distancing

Like everyone else in the world, we find ourselves in uncertain times right now.   Before the lockdown started, we had a lovely sunny walk in the park in Chippenham:

But since Monday, I've been at home with Ziggy.  This has meant he doesn't get to sleep for hours on end on the big bed, having to use his own instead:

Lula was looking happy as ever:

We've been to the river:

And across the fields close to our house:

We haven't been able to visit Grandyma, as she is in the high risk category and for now we just take each day as it comes, like everyone else...

Monday 9 March 2020

Vets, Friends & Lunching

Last week Ziggy had his ears checked by the vet and thankfully the yeast infection is calming down and the treatment is working.  He'll go back to see Alison after 2 weeks but for now he is more comfortable, which is very good news.

On Friday we had a day out planned - to meet up with Ziggy's Tweet-heart, Poppy at Batsford Arboretum near Moreton in Marsh.  He was all smart and tidy as we waited to meet up:

Before long, Poppy and her dad had arrived and we began our walk.  We were very lucky to have a chilly but sunny day - so much nicer than the recent rain.

Clearly Ziggy didn't want to stay clean as he found something sticky and revolting to roll in:

After our walk we stopped for some lunch and time to fuss Poppy and share our snacks:

Ziggy loves Poppy and we all had a lovely day:

The fun wasn't over for Ziggy as the next day, we took Grandyma shopping and then called in to the Cricklade Club for lunch.  Ziggy likes to sit up on the sofa and watch everyone, especially anyone eating but mostly he enjoys the fuss he gets:

Sunday 1 March 2020

Shopping & Brunching

Ziggy has been to the vets this week as his ears have been bothering him.  Swabs were taken and a yeast infection was found to be the cause so he treatment has started and we will go back next week.

On our way to the vet we called in to our local pet shop, Calne Pet Supplies as we needed some kittyfood for Lula.  It's a lovely shop with lots of natural products at just the right height for Ziggy to try and help himself. 

Yesterday we were out at Dobbies for brunch and shopping.  Ziggy is a big fan of brunch:

He also likes Grandyma's:

While we browsed, Ziggy chose himself a new bed for the garden:

Unfortunately, unless we win the lottery sometime soon, Ziggy will not be getting one of those!

All that brunching and browsing made Ziggy need to have a nap at Grandyma's 

Today he had a brunch date with lovely little DeeDee.  We love DeeDee and she and Ziggy both ordered the sausage for their brunch:

After a catchup with DeeDee's mum we enjoyed the sunshine on the way back to the car:

This coming week it is Crufts and although this time Ziggy is not going, there will be some of the other lovely LRSE&C Labbies there on the Kennel Club stand on Gundog Day, Friday 6th March.  We hope they have a great day!

Sunday 23 February 2020

The new bed

Ziggy didn't need a new bed.  He has a living room bed, a bedroom bed and a bed in the car as well as use of all the beds in the house as well as the armchair and sofa.  But when I saw this fabbie new bed in Aldi for less than £20, I had to get one!

Ziggy liked it straight away

And even left the sofa to spend several hours in the new bed yeserday evening...

Today we were out in the muddy field

Muddy walks are reserved for bath days.

When we got home, we found that Lula had decided she likes the new bed too....