Sunday, 16 September 2018

Sweet Little Sofy, 13 years 00 months 01 days

On Friday evening, one day after her 13th birthday, Sofy let me know that she had reached the end.  She was tired, her body worn out and I had to make the heartbreaking decision to say goodbye.

The numbers and words 13 yrs 00 mth 01 days on the consent form stuck with me and I'm trying to be glad that Sofy was really only poorly for a few days.  Up until Friday morning she was waggy tailed and happy as usual but didn't want her breakfast.  Ziggy had a vets appointment so came to work with me but when we got home Sofy still hadn't eaten.  Anyone who know's Sofy will know how important food was to her.

I sat with Sofy and I knew, just knew.  So with a very heavy heart I rang the vets and made an appointment.  When it was time, Ziggy came with us as I felt he needed to know what was happening as he and Sofy are so close.  

The end was very peaceful and Sofy went to sleep with me stroking her beautiful face and telling her how loved she was and that it was time to go find Wiggle, that it was ok to leave us.  Ziggy gave her one last lick and he knew he was saying goodbye.

So now it's just us two.  Ziggy and me. With broken hearts and endless tears but also so many happy, silly Sofy memories.

Of all the dogs that I have shared my life with, none was as loved as Sofy when they were given up.  Sofy's first mum has been able to follow her life via the blog and I was lucky enough to see how cute Sofy was when she was a little pup, so very pretty with a hint of mischief even at such a young age:

When Sofy joined us back in 2010, she soon settled in with Wiggle and Sir H:

Sofy was a playful girl, loving toys, especially squeaky ones:

She also loved coffee, regularly finishing the sweet milky froth of a latte:

She made me laugh with her funny faces:

And her fence-jumping skills:

And she made new friends - special Twinnie Macey.  She and Wiggle stayed with Macey when I went on holiday and Macey stayed with us.  We found out yesterday that Kate and her family had lost Macey on Friday; Twinnies to the end I imagine they've met up in heaven.

Sofy was to me, the most beautiful choccie girl:

Even when she had been splashing in muddy puddles:

And sunbathing.  She loved to sunbathe:

After we lost Sir H, Wiggle and Sofy's bond became even closer:

As their birthdays were close, they shared gifts:

They loved each other and loved being together:

Sofy loved being in water, she loved water almost as much as food!

I will miss her sweet smile:

How happy she was with her toy collection:

I will miss her happy little face but have so many lovely memories of happy times like going to the beach with Wiggle:

Hanging out with Haggis and Cato:

With friends Oban and Dougal:

And her BFF Lilly:

My snowy Sofy:

My beautiful girl:

Sofy welcomed foster dogs Kal and Boulder last year:

But when they found their new home, she was on her own again for a couple of months:

And we got used to it being just the two of us again:

And then a new foster dog arrived, so Sofy showed him around:

And they became best friends:

Together at the end, Ziggy is quieter now without his best girl.

Sleep peacefully my Sweet Little Sofy, we will miss you so much and love you forever xx

Sunday, 9 September 2018

The Many Faces of Zggy

Ziggy is a dog who shows a broad range of expressions, some funny, mostly happy and some which are a little strange.  It's just one of the reasons we love him so much!

The "I'm wearing this because my Grandyma got it for me and I luffs her" look:

The "Happy, Happy, Happy!!" look:

The "Being a Very Good Boy at the Care Home" look:

The "Close up, schnoz up, please give me blackberries" look:

The "Please share your brunch with me" look:

The "I'm not getting out of bed yet" look:

The "Look of contentment":

The "What's that about slobber on my face?" look:

The "Ooooh, lovely sunnysunshine on my face" look:

The "Woe is me" look:

The "This isn't funny" look:

The "Working hard at the office" look:

And lastly, Grandyma's favourite, a look that we cannot find the words to describe: