Sunday, 14 January 2018

Ziggy's weekend

It's fair to say that Ziggy is completely at home here now.  After having very little in his life he now has a routine, lots of love, walks, proper care and me and Sofy.

Ziggy likes his home comforts, especially if it means he can have a lie-in:

He is having his Malaseb baths every 3 or 4 days and despite the woeful look, he does enjoy his bath and gets in by himself when I ask him:

He likes being rubbed down with warm towels before getting into Wiggle's drying coat:

Ziggy takes to new things well and is enjoying coming out with me, especially when it includes stopping for coffee: 

And after coffee, a quick paddle in the river:

On lead though as it was a bit cold to go too deep!

And after a busy weekend, what better than to practise his relaxation positioning? 

Sunday, 7 January 2018

It's no fun being half bald in this weather!

Poor Ziggy does not like the cold weather which is hardly surprising with the amount of fur he has missing.  Thankfully, he likes his extensive wardrobe, in particular his fleecey hand-me-down:

We made the most of the sunny day and both wrapped up warm as there was a biting cold wind up on the Downs.  Ziggy was keeping on the move:

Happy boy:

Ziggy is a dog of many expressions, including a combination of outrage and innocence when I told him I could hear the noises his bottom was making.  He didn't care though.

Monday, 1 January 2018

Hello, 2018!

A new year and its time to re-start Wiggle's blog.  There's not a day that goes by when I don't think of my darling boy but he's with me and looking down on me, from heaven and from his handsome portrait:

His legacy is Ziggy, now staying for good, baldy but happy:

Sofy spends more time sleeping but then she is 12 now.  She is especially happy with her new fleece blanky that she received as a Christmas present:

And Ziggy got his own new blanky too and likes to be wrapped up so he's all snuggly:

Ziggy got to play in some snow, keeping warm in his woolly jumper:

Our one and only resolution is that we will once again update Wiggle's blog, keeping his memory alive while we try and get Ziggy better again.

Happy New Year from us xx